“Dumb” means Net neutral to IP traffic which is exactly what Comcast is trying to avoid.

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4 Responses to “Steve Jobs wanted Comcast to be the best “dumb pipe” [Video]”

  1. g0bez says:

    This guy looks a bit like Steve Jobs… and up until the last ~20 seconds I thought you were saying this *was* Steve Jobs. Turns out this is just a guy (presumably Comcast exec) who quotes Steve Jobs at the end of this clip.

    I see what he’s saying about the analogy with Netflix paying postage for transporting the physical DVDs, but that isn’t an accurate comparison. For it to be a fair comparison both the sender and the recipient would have to pay postage on the same item. We (the consumer) are paying the ISP (Comcast) a monthly fee for the service of X Mbit /second connection. That should cover delivery to our ‘last mile’ service (as part of what we pay them for). If they’re talking about other transit when it crosses through Comcast’s network / peers, then that could have some relevance.

    All of this talk about “we just want our fair share” is BS. Look at all of the other countries that are offering WAY faster service for MUCH less cost. If Comcast can’t figure out how to do that (or do it better), maybe they deserve to fail.

    I personally can not wait for the gig-e ISP services (like Google’s project) to become a bit more widespread so we can see what the market will do to these ISPs once we have an *actual* alternative to vote with our dollars. Right now, the market has no vote, because generally don’t have alternatives.


    • therapcat says:

      I hate Comcast, but honestly Netflix has outgrown their current transit provider. They need to choose another transit provider or build their own network. If they were the transit provider themselves, I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problems.


    • herb02135go says:

      How long as Jobs been dead?
      Isn’t it about time people stopped dredging up things he may or may not have said?

      He was an egotistical blowhard who made money for a company. He didn’t cure cancer or create world peace.


  2. herb02135go says:

    Speaking of the cult of Steve Jobs … is it any surprise this website is showing ads to promote Mormonism?