Following an interview with Apple’s Eddy Cue and new Apple employee Jimmy Iovine of Beats Music earlier this week, a video of the full interview from the Code Conference has just landed online.

The interview was timely as it followed an official announcement from Apple that the company was acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion and keeping founder Jimmy Iovine on board to run the service. Topics of conversation of course mostly revolved around the acquisition and exactly why Apple chose to buy Beats, but the two executives also shared stories about Steve Jobs and hinted at what Apple has in store for future products later this year.

This is the same interview where Eddy Cue claimed Apple has the best product pipeline that he’s seen in over 25 years at the company with new products arriving this year. Cue also shared some stats for iTunes and iTunes Radio: Apple just passed 35 billion songs sold on iTunes and 40 million listeners on iTunes Radio. Jimmy Iovine shared some numbers too– 250,000 paying Beats subscribers– as well as his vision for the Beats Music streaming service now under Apple’s control.

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18 Responses to “Watch the full Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine interview from Code Conference (Video)”

  1. Eli Matar says:

    I wonder,
    Is Dre really and incredible artist with an incredible ear? Then what is Frank Sinatra? What is Coldplay? Yanni?
    Are Beats really a premium headphones, or are they very normal headphones at a premium price?


    • Short answer? Yes. Dre is an incredible artist, whether you enjoy hip hop or not. He created A LOT of good stuff, and he produced a boatload of good stuff. Also, he inspired just about any hip hop artist you can find out there. BUT, the headphones are.. well, how to put it. Hip Hop headphones. You just can’t listen to vivaldi on those. There is no bass on the violin. A good Sennheiser pair (i’m talking low-mid) sounds overall much better than Beats. With ANY type of music. And its cost is right about a half compared to beats. Eddy said he doesn’t know what cool is. Well, Beats are cool right now. Doesn’t mean they’re GREAT headphones. They’re just cool.


      • Eli Matar says:

        I do enjoy Hip Hop. I actually like Dre’s hits a lot. I enjoy listening to him, I move my feet up and down to the grove but that really doesn’t mean he is a great artist. The world “Artist” is losing its meaning lately. It’s really overused.
        He is a a person who made catchy Rap hits.
        But can he play any music tool? Let alone playing incredibly well.
        Can he read music notes? etc…


    • iscionce says:

      To say you like some of his songs and don’t see how they qualify him an artist is sort of baseless. I can look at a Kandinsky and see nothing more than random lines and colors that doesn’t mean he isn’t an artist due to my lack of understanding the art. Without an understanding of the art and the impact on the evelution the artists work had on the medium and culture you are frankly not the person to speak on whether or not he is or isn’t an artist. For you his work is catchy and fun but for others it’s much more than that. ijs


    • iscionce says:

      I think what you were asking though is “is he a musician ” consider that no he might not be but it still takes an artist to create and his ear for sound is what set him apart and why he stood out in his career. Very detailed


  2. I’m not interested in Beats phones, I think they are cool, I’m probably not gonna get them ever, not at the current price point, but I’m extremely interested in a music streaming service from Apple, I love Spotify but I’ll never pay for Spotify, I’d pay for an Apple streaming service if it were as good.


  3. All these guys sound exactly the same!! It’s like they all read from the same script. They hype the rumor mill then let consumers down come the fall with probably nothing to see but a bigger iphone, a new health app, more android features in iOS8 and now destroying OSX by making it look like iOS.

    Apple’s mojo has left the building 4 years ago. People are so over their branding now.


  4. i absolutely love what Cue and Lovine are saying about music. Apple is so onto of things it incredible.


  5. @ what time in the video does he call apple headphones crap thats the part i want to hear to see his reaction lol


  6. The best product pipe line in 25 years?
    This I got to see, we already 6 months into the year. Anyone got any thoughts on this


  7. charismatron says:

    Iovine has a lot to say that no one else is talking about. His interests have matured over the years and he’s in a position to make a legacy statement for the media that has given him so much, which is music.

    His language isn’t about sales, design, or how he’s superior to competition. Rather, he’s talking about creating an emotional connection with music to the benefit of all along the chain of music production: from artist, to technician, to label. His vision is all-inclusive and his hopes don’t seem to rest on creating the best technical product for music, but to provide the best experience one can have with music using the best technical products. Fortunately for us, you can’t have one without the other.

    It’s nice to hear an expert speak about their appreciation for the creative process, an emotional connection, and the humanity of music. His focus seems to be creating “a moment” for the listener, a cue that things don’t have to be the way they are in tech and that we as consumers can have the best of both worlds: innovative products, gorgeous design, excellent service, and a deep musical experience that re-connects us to why we seek out music in the first place.

    Hearing the re/code discussion, we hear from Iovine things that no one else in the business is talking about or touching upon. If teaming up can bring out the best of both Beats and Apple, I’m all for it. The end result will be a better experience of music, which is something we will all come to appreciate and enjoy.