Apple is giving out $25 App Store gift cards to WWDC 2014 attendees. The gift card is given to each attendee when picking up their badge. The $25 amount ties into the “25 years and coding” tagline printed beneath the WWDC logo. Check out Harrison Weinerman’s tweet below.

Also this:

Also, photo of the jacket and badge:

Apple is also distributing WWDC branded notebooks to students at the conference:

Check out the Moscone Center gallery below (click to enlarge):

Nice panoramic shot inside.

Nice panoramic shot inside.

Waiting in line.

Waiting in line.

Another shot of the gift card

Another shot of the gift card.

Outside WWDC 2014.

Outside WWDC 2014.

Thanks for sending in the gallery pictures, Jorick!

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16 Responses to “Apple giving out $25 App Store gift cards, jackets to WWDC 2014 attendees”

  1. tilalabubakr says:

    I’m going to attend the 50th WWDC….


  2. This is a very thoughtful gesture.


  3. Pierre Roy says:

    Oh my god, thats awesome, i wish i could go to WWDC, just having the gift card with no denomination or begin blank/already used would be awesome.


  4. I really wanted to go this year… I’ll be missing out on so much. AGAIN

    I took a black shirt and put a Apple sticker on it for tomorrow


  5. pht1995 says:

    Why did it have to be a random draw?! :(


  6. visitphili says:

    Isn’t this poster and/or it’s image upside down?


  7. hahahaha charity, small hearted company, taking 1500$ and giving back just 25$.


  8. i want to have a wwdc jacket…. if you want to sell yours please write me on twitter @julian_a_remy