Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.21.34 PM Apple just announced new iCloud pricing coming soon to compliment a ton of new cloud features unveiled for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite today.

The new pricing starts with the same free 5GB for all users and introduces a new 20GB for $1/month tier as well as a 200GB for $4/month tier. Currently Apple offers 5GB for free and charges $20.00 for an extra 10GB, $40 for an extra 20GB, or $100 for 50GB per month.

Apple didn’t say exactly when it would be flipping the switch on the new prices, but it did confirm that tiers up to 1TB will be available under its new pricing scheme.

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8 Responses to “Apple announces new iCloud pricing: 5GB free, 20GB for $1/month, 200GB for $4/month, up to 1TB”

  1. you mislead readers. 50$ isn’t per month. its this: monthly 50GB usage costy 100$ per year. Its been tight on my three iPads and 2 iPhones.


  2. On any case this new pricing structure compits directly with google drive! Great! It was time !


  3. macmaniman says:

    while i understand the one dollar model, lots of money and sense of cheapness, i would like it for free.. just because it seems… cheap


  4. Chris Powers says:

    Can anyone shed light on the larger file tiered prices? I’m expecting to at least use 200GB and probably can find a reason to use 500GB eventually. I’m absolutely welcoming the larger space…and want to know the prices for those.


  5. Pls clarify, the monthly payment for the 200Gb , would it stop after a year and then I have the 200gb for life. Or would the monthly debit continue forever?