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Apple wants users to be able to smoothly move between their Macs and iOS devices. AirDrop now interoperates between Mac and iOS devices. However, it goes further. Handoff allows you to send a document from your Mac to your iOS device, just by being in close proximity to each other.

The Mac also notices when an iOS device is nearby for Personal Hotspot. The phone appears in the WiFi menu, shown above, and with one-click the phone connects to the Mac and the devices start tethering.

Handoff also works in reverse. An icon appears on the iOS lock screen, swipe up and it flows between the iOS device and the Mac. It’s probably best described as an impromptu AirDrop, with whatever documents and data you are currently working on.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Jun 2014 18.38.13

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10 Responses to “Apple improving cross-platform integration between iOS and OS X, cross-platform AirDrop, Handoff, instant hotspot and more”

  1. I really hope that you’ll be able to start a Facetime Video call on one device and transfer it to another seamlessly


  2. I assume that AirDrop will still require the latest hardware (iPhone or Mac) to function. Even through my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s are workable for iOS8, I doubt AirDrop will be compatable.


  3. nullifiedone says:

    so is this still requiring to pay for feathering from your cell provider?
    or is this a kind of work around that allows it to share the internet connection without the tethering plan?


  4. Jay Woda says:

    I wonder how AT&T feels about this with folks who have Grandfather Unlimited Data on their iPhone? I know to enable tethering through AT&T it would require you move to a Tiered data plan.. Last thing I want to do is lose my Grandfathered plan..


  5. iPadCary says:

    It’s about time Apple started leveraging thier Multipeer Connectivity Framework. AirDrop is just the beginning ….


  6. But you still need a mobile connection for this to work, right? You can’t transfer files between iPhone and laptop by other means, such as Bluetooth, as other devices have managed for years? One of the more frustrating things I’ve found with my Apple ecosystem. Made by same company, sitting right next to each other, still need to send files hundreds of miles by internet just to transfer across those few inches.