Apple just announced during its WWDC keynote that it’s opening up its Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone to third-party app developers. Apple showed off the personal finance management app Mint (pictured above) using the Touch ID feature to allow users to login instead of using the keyboard to enter a password. Previously Apple limited this feature to its own App Store and iTunes purchases as well as unlocking the device itself.

Apple also shared some stats on Touch ID noting that it has improved security by getting a much higher number of users using a passcode to protect their device:

While there was no mention of payments specifically for third-party developer support, Cook hinted previously that payments via Touch ID could be on the way.

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4 Responses to “Apple opens up Touch ID fingerprint sensor to third-party app developers”

  1. This. This. This. I’ve been waiting for this since day one, not only because I, myself have applications for it but because I use several 3rd party apps that would benefit from it. At the very least I expect my mobile banking app and 1Password to add support for it without much delay.

    I’m very impressed with today’s keynote but this was something I was really waiting for hear and pleased when I did.


  2. I agree, OneOkami, I want this for ages…..


  3. At this point, even though the Stack Overflow community found it a silly question, I think it’s worth asking again:

    Can an iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner work as a d-pad?


    • The content of the removed Stack Overflow question:

      Does anyone have insight into whether the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner can be made to work as a d-pad?

      AuthenTec [who Apple bought to get Touch ID] states that their «Customer Support is now 100% Self Service», and Apple won’t give any details on how to hack their devices of course, so research is a bit difficult on this topic.

      Former AuthenTec employee Scott Barber replied on Twitter:

      @sbarber: @bjornte Even 8 years ago, the sensors served reasonably well as a d-pad… I can only imagine they’d be better now — kinda small tho. As long as you can balance the small movements needed w/ the accuracy the game(s) require, I think it can be a great add

      I agree about the sensor’s size, however it’s off the screen and is tactile. I think an integrated, physical d-pad would be a great upgrade to Cydia games.

      John Gruber also replied shortly:

      @bjornte: @gruber Any insights into whether a (hacked) iPhone fingerprint scanner can work as a d-pad?

      @gruber: @bjornte I would guess that’s not possible.

      If it’s not possible, is it due to the Secure Enclave?