iOS 8 includes interactive notifications. Users can now perform additional actions right from the notification itself. For instance, Apple demoed quick reply for text messages. A notification comes is in, and with a tap you can start replying.

Similarly, for calendar events, accept and reject buttons appear right in the notification. This means users don’t have to go into other apps or enter Notification Center to perform simple actions.

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4 Responses to “iOS 8 brings interactive notifications: quick SMS reply, accept calendar invites”

  1. Its about damn time!!!


  2. I smell when apple has to take a leaf out of Jailbreaking…something they scorn so much.


    • seriously? did you start using iOS devices yesterday? This has happened for years and years.
      Cydia has basically been the hub of ideas for next-gen iOS updates. It’s not a bad thing for those who don’t want to or even know about jailbreaking their device (remember, not everyone is a tech geek)