If there’s one annoyance pretty much every Netflix subscriber has experienced at least once, it’s an error message asking you to call Netflix – the usual solution to which is to remove and reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.

When Apple announced during the WWDC keynote that the new version of Safari supplied with OS X Yosemite would be using HTML5 for streaming video, Netflix was mentioned as an example. Netflix has now confirmed that it will be consigning Silverlight to the wastebin – where it belongs.

Other browsers will still use Silverlight for now, but Netflix says it hopes to move to HTML5 in other browsers further down the road.

Apple and Netflix have both said that subscribers should also see two hours extra battery-life when streaming HD movies from the service.

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7 Responses to “Netflix subscribers will be happy to wave goodbye to Silverlight”

  1. Robert Nixon says:

    Good riddance to proprietary plugins for video playback.


  2. vtcajones says:

    I’ve been watching Netflix quite a bit on the new Safari and have to say, it really does perform well. It looks better, plays faster, and buffers less.


  3. Good riddance! That crap crashed my computer several time! 95% of the times my Mac crashed, it was running Mi¢ro$oft software.