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Apple has posted the video about OS X Yosemite’s new design from the WWDC keynote. The video gives a look at the system’s new inherent translucency, cleaner layout, redesigned icons, and new buttons. You can watch it below:

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11 Responses to “Apple posts OS X Yosemite design video from WWDC keynote”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Anxious for the second beta. For some reason it does not look as good in practice as it does in that video.


  2. This video is actually little bit different. On settings icon, all of the circles are now actually rotating. At WWDC, the two small circles where going “around” the big one. It is amazing how Apple and there marketing takes so much care about these little details.


  3. Where, just WHERE, do I turn that crap transparent OFF! It’s SOOOOOO annoying!!!


  4. Ryan says:

    I feel like the design was made for Retina display (especially Helvetica font), it just looks sort of murky on my 21.5″ iMac.


  5. rizzior says:

    Cannot wait for the Public Beta. OSX 10.10 is the OS of the Future. !!!!


  6. Apple like as usual tried to bring innovation in their new OS X Yosemite !


  7. Keith Dixon says:

    I’ve tried Yosemite and detest its new look. Folders have become a flat, virulent visual intrusion, clashing with just about every image I would use for my desktop. Icons have been beaten to death e.g. Safari. I shall stay with Mavericks – and this will be the first time I will not move on to a new release of OS X having started with Jaguar. One wonders when Johnny Ive – who I presume is the guiding ‘genius’ (sic) behind this monstrosity – in his quest for minimalist design will decide that advancing to a grey-scale only GUI is the next great leap forward to the Promised Land!


  8. I like it except for the making the dock flat. Looking forward to the consumer release in a few months.