New high-resolution photos surfaced over the weekend showing what is expected to be the much thinner iPhone 6 following a report from Venture Beat that corroborates several other claims that the next generation iPhone will feature a larger display than previous models. Included in that report are also claims that Apple will opt for implementing NFC (near field communication), wireless charging, and improved LTE in the next iPhone refresh expected later this year…

The report claims that Apple’s use of NFC in the iPhone 6 is expected but pending on progress with developing its mobile payment system. Last month we reported that Apple is currently in talks with high profile retailers as it moves forward with developing its mobile payment system.

In past years, Apple has publicly taken a stance against the use of NFC as it decidedly opted against including it in their hardware. See this 2012 interview from AllThingsD with Phil Schiller, for example:

It’s not clear that NFC is the solution to any current problem, Schiller said. “Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today.”

In that same interview, Apple’s SVP of Marketing downplayed the appeal, too, of wireless charging on devices.

As for wireless charging, Schiller notes that the wireless charging systems still have to be plugged into the wall, so it’s not clear how much convenience they add. The widely-adopted USB cord, meanwhile, can charge in wall outlets, computers and even on airplanes, he said.

“Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” Schiller said.

Those comments haven’t stopped additional rumors of NFC and wireless charging from surfacing in the past ahead of anticipated hardware refreshes, and Apple certainly isn’t against changing its narrative as it tackles an old problem in its own way.

As for improved LTE, the report claims that the iPhone 6 will move to a better LTE radio capable of 300 megabits per second over the current 150 mbps capable radios used.

See also our report on the larger, 1704×960 resolution display Apple is currently testing.

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38 Responses to “Rumor: NFC, wireless charging, improved LTE slated for iPhone 6”

  1. What about improved battery life?


  2. hmurchison says:

    “Wireless Charging” designed for the increasingly lazy humans that view having to plug a cable into a device as “extra effort”


    • irelandjnr says:

      No, it’s about design and ease of use. It has nothing got to do with being lazy. It’s about eliminating needlessly repetitive tasks. Going to the gym is then unrelated to this.


      • nonyabiness says:

        >>No, that’s exactly what it is. It’s not better design and it’s not easier to use.

        How is it HARDER to not have to plug a device in to charge it? You simply lay the device down inside the charging area and walk away.

        Additionally, quit it with your contemptuous attitude- there’s nothing lazy about it; it’s simply less procedure necessary to charge a device.


      • It also opens up many more opportunities for charging. Put it on your kitchen counter, it charges. Put it on you desk at work, it charges. Leave it next to your bed, it charges.


    • its not about plugging the cable in. the way i see it, its a way to help improve battery life through true wireless charging. this means through wifi. this technology is in progress and still being researched but it certainly better than the current version where its basically like the cases you put on your phone and then put it on a mat or something


  3. I swear these are the same stories as last year, they just replaced “iPhone 5″ with “iPhone 6.”


  4. Tim Jr. says:

    “The report claims that Apple’s use of NFC in the iPhone 6 is expected but pending on progress with developing its mobile payment system.”

    Such a cop-out.. basically, building in an out in the ‘leaked’ report. These people have no imagination.. if they are going to outright lie about leaks.. least they could do is come up with something really cool. NFC at this point is about a likely as Steve Jobs coming back for ‘one more round’ applause..


    • That line makes it suspect to me too, because they don’t actually need NFC to put a payment system together.

      In fact, a payment system *without* NFC would be both more efficient and more secure. The whole idea that the one is dependant on the other is faulty and makes me question the reasoning of the analysts proposing this stuff.

      The only way they will use NFC, is as a small sub-part of whatever system they put together, and even then, only because the NFC hardware is out there. It will probably use the NFC just to detect the cash register in those cases where all there is, is NFC.


  5. Judging by the picture accompanying the article … I’d be more happy if they worked on getting rid of the uglies. I’ve yet to see a single image of iPhone 6 that’s anything but ugly crap. It will be the first iPhone I *won’t* buy for that reason.


    • I remember people saying the exact same thing when the iPhone 5 leaked. “OMG those glass panels are F-ing UGLY, I’ll never buy it.” And the iPhone 4, which Steve even addressed in his keynote. “Some have even said this doesn’t seem like Apple, what are these lines?”

      Its just a kneejerk reaction to something that looks different. Then you’ll see the beautiful finished product, in beautiful marketing shots, and suddenly the design will grow on you. Quit basing your opinion or horribly constructed mock ups or unfinished part leaks. Wait until you see the finished product.


    • Get a case, build a bridge, and get over it?


    • standardpull says:

      Another freak who decides that 3rd party mockups and possible photos of subcomponents are enough to generate a strong negative reaction. In other words, someone to ignore.


    • I remember when the first few iphones came out and how they looked so modern and cool. Well now these wide bezel renders look so old fashioned compared to some of the sleeker new models around today. I’m 100% sure that the designers at Apple could have wowed us if they wanted to. Yes I think this design is safe, uninspiring and . . well . yes, ugly.


  6. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Interesting rumors. I wonder whether or not such technology will be used in the next iPhone. I personally wouldn’t mind faster data speeds.


  7. NFC? Unlikely. It simply isn’t important enough. I can count on one hand the number of places I was able to use it when I had it (Android device), and it was mostly at places like CVS and RiteAid which are fine, but not really places I frequent.

    Retailers aren’t embracing it, and Apple doesn’t care enough about it to push the standard forward. Maybe once it hits critical mass. iPhone 8?

    Wireless charging? Unlikely. There’s a perfectly serviceable connector that Apple needs to provide the cord for anyway. Wireless charging would require them to also provide you a wireless charging station which will eat into the bottom line – if they don’t, uptake will be very limited because it’ll be an extra, not cheap thing to buy, and people will just skip it.


    • frankman91 says:

      Agree about the lack of places to use as form of payment, but that might change if Apple picked it up.

      I have a Verizon phone and they block Google wallet all together so its even more useless for payments.

      That said, I have a Galaxy S3 and my wife has an S4 and we LOVE NFC if for no other reason than how simple it is to send big files between the devices. We shoot a 2-3 HD video of out little one and it will be like 300MB, we tap our phones back to back, I tap the video, and seconds later she has the full resolution version of it.

      Full resolution photos become unbelievably simple to swap back and fourth. I also do the same with my brother when we swap our favorite podcasts.


    • 01nb says:

      Hmm… in my (anecdotal) experiences, more and more places are updating their POS’es to NFC capable. I use them all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. From my local supermarket, to convenience stores, to places like ToysRus and Home Depot…. all using NFC. My wallet leaves my pocket far less, and I get an added layer between the payment and my actual money. It’s a win for me.

      And wireless charging? It’s fantastic. My Droid Maxx is sitting on my $20 Powerbot Qi charger right now while it’s idle.

      A couple of things I will say in Apple’s defence:

      1) Passbook is something I used whenever I could when I had an iP5. It was pretty rare though, other than airline travel and Starbucks.

      2) One of the main reasons why I bought a few Qi chargers: micro-USB sucks @(#*! Seriously, the Lightning connector is absolutely ingenious and I definitely wish I had it. My micro-USB port always feels like one day it’s going to snap off inside my phone, just as it did with the GS4 and HTC1 before it. The next micro-USB standard that is coming looks nice, but Lightning still appears to be far superior (based on the pics I’ve seen).

      BTW: Apple wouldn’t have to provide a wireless charger unless they eliminated the ability to charge via cable. Given how awesome Lightning is, I don’t see why they would anytime soon.


  8. grnbills says:

    With the new iPhone 6 coming out I better sell my old iPhone before the value of it drops. I usually search 9-10 different sites to find the best offer, but I just found this site that compares all the buyback companies in one spot. it’s called It’s like Kayak but for Apple Devices that show you all the offers in one spot. I’ve used it before and loved it. I highly suggest it to other Apple lovers

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  9. next step: apply the Real-Wireless-Charging on their devices first (I know this is very difficult, but this technology really exist). then on Macbooks, then on their magic mouse & keyboard.

    that’s remind me, Nikola Tesla wireless project.


  10. laborertohisharvest says:

    Wireless charging seems a bit far fetched. Remember that saying “Hey Siri” requires your iPhone to be physically plugged in?


  11. Zero chance of NFC in iPhone 6. It would’ve been presented for developers at WWDC last week, or at least discussed in a WWDC lab session. It wasn’t.


    • so you’re saying that Apple is dumb enough to give away a feature they want to put in the iPhone 6? Apple is not going to give away secrets of the iPhone 6 at WWDC when they have their own keynote for iPhone launches every year.


      • Most of what happens at WWDC is intended for registered Apple developer’s eyes only. NDAs cover much of that which is introduced and discussed. So, part of that info is indeed meant to be kept from the general public. If NFC were to be introduced, there would need to be APIs and other info for devs to prepare for the launch of the new hardwares, which will launch running iOS8.

        Bluetooth LE and iBeacons have far more potential than the unencrypted, limited feature-set of NFC. NFC is not coming to the iPhone.


  12. The bells and whistles are all nice but they’d better improve one thing: BATTERY LIFE.

    Ever since I started using smartphones (I’ve owned a few iPhones and I’ve been given several Androids at work), the one consistent problem is battery life. Big(ish) screens, lots of fancy apps and now everyone’s staring at a 4+ inch screen to fill our lives.

    For me that’s not mobility. It’s being worried whether your phone will make the day. It’s the complete opposite of how they nailed it beautifully with Macbooks. With a Macbook you get good performance and BRILLIANT battery life. Not so with the iPhone. It’s all nice and fancy and you can do all sorts of interesting stuff or questionable real value, but you’re tied close to that power socket or that 3200mAh battery charger you have in your bag.

    Owning a 5s, I’m afraid my next phone will be an extra-long battery life dumbphone that can become a hotspot to my iPad, when needed.


  13. NFC is really no big deal. People might use it outside the US, but in the US I might have seen two stores that do it. And I really LOL listening to the Android zealots say how Apple is copying Android on NFC. Always forgetting the fact that Android doesn’t have that capability, the phone does, and also it was either chevron or Exxon gas that had an NFC keychain years and years and years before smartphones came out.


  14. I only see wireless charging when restaurants and coffee shops incorporate into their tables.

    NFC? I see Apple pushing the bluetooth iBeacon.


  15. holy snap like can all you guys stop saying that these “leaks photos” are ugly? like these are supposed leaks. Apple is the leading brand for design. they will wow us with their real design, not these supposed leaks. for all we know, these leaks throws us off from the real design. these leaks are basically rumors put together by people who also came up with an idea of how they think the next iPhone will look like.


  16. I used a wireless charger for my Nexus 5 and it is a brilliant device. The most important thing is that it protects my USB port from getting damaged due to multiple plug-in plug-outs while charging.

    However, as the phone sits on the charger and I get a call, in case my phone is on either vibration or ring + vibrate mode, the phone makes this irritating noise due to vibrations. Once it even fell of the table and the center of gravity of the entire unit (phone + charger) is not that high and is not stable.

    I was wondering if there was an automated way to stop the vibrations as soon as I put my phone on the charging mode. However, I looked for App in the Android store and could not find a single App that could do so.

    Therefore, I went ahead to make an app for myself. An app that could suppress the vibrations on the phone when I put it on charging mode. I was primarily making it for wireless charging user when I realized that even users with normal chargers need such an App.

    What is the basic idea behind the App?

    How often do we realize that we left our phone on charging, while the phone was either on Vibration/ Ringer + Vibration mode, and typically the phone lies on a rough surface while it charges. During this state, if you receive a phone call, the phone keeps on vibrating of the surface and over time small scratches appear on your phone. In case you left the phone at the corner of the table, your phone may also fall while vibrating! The App works to protect your phone, by suppressing the vibrations while on charging mode. Your phone automatically switches to normal mode with vibration on as soon as you plug it out. The App continuously works in the background so that you do not have to remember to disable vibration all the time.

    You can download the App on Google Play by searching for ‘Scratch Protector’ or Pluggdd.


  17. splat2014 says:

    I’ve just seen a video of the new iPhone 6 where there is a docking station that swaps battery’s over straight away. Will this come with it or will that be another added cost that Apple have come out with. ???


  18. splat2014 says:

    I’ve just seen a video of the new iPhone 6 where there is a docking station that swaps battery’s over straight away. Will this come with it or will that be another added cost that Apple have come out with. ??? Looks like apple are stuck on the same design as last year. Need to improve the design for people to want