Some new shots of a purported iPhone 6 metal chassis have appeared on the web today. The images line up with previously leaked iPhone 6 design schematics, a blurry picture of a frame, dummy models, cases, and manufacturing components. Shots of the sides below:

As can be seen in the photos above, the new iPhone will be made from metal, will be ultra-thin, and include various antenna cutouts throughout the rear of the device. Apple is working on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, but the chassis above looks to belong to the smaller of the duo.

You can see in the photo to the right that Apple has moved the sleep/wake/power key to the side of the device in order to make it more accessible via one-hand usage.

The new iPhone will likely include a 1704 x 960 resolution display with a sharper pixel density, a more efficient A8 processor, and it will run the new iOS 8 with health-tracking integration, improved photo synchronization with iCloud, and new messaging features.

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90 Responses to “New high-res shots of likely iPhone 6 ultra-thin metal frame surface”

  1. eldonchew says:

    Something that’s left unanswered with all these leaks..
    What happened to the Tru-Tone Flash? They decided to abandon it or just manage to squeeze 2 different LEDs into a single module?

  2. Maybe they’re going to call it iPhone Air because of its super thin body. It’s logical since iPad 5 is also called iPad Air because of its thin and light body

    • Would make sense. And it would get a lot of media attention for the name change.

    • I agree. The moment they dropped the numbering scheme with the iPad I figured it was only a matter of time before they did the same with the iPhone. This is as good a time as any to do it and would line up with all the ‘Air’ names they like throwing around. Then again if they go with iPhone 6 it won’t matter. People will still line up for it.

      Technically OS X has always used a naming versus number strategy, at least in marketing. The number is always there but the marketing term has always been associated with a name. Cheetah, Jaguar, Leopard, etc. My guess iOS is next. The number will never truly go away but I can imagine iOS Sequoia or iOS Tahoe for the future nomenclature of iOS. Just like they stopped calling it iPhone OS and iOS I imagine at some point they’ll drop the numbering scheme.

    • I think that both iPhone and iPad might go in the Pro/Air duo path…

      That way they could keep the current 4″ iPhone along with a 4.7″ and a 5.5″… 3 screen sizes just like the MacBooks… iPhone Air with 4″ and 4.7″ and iPhone Pro with 4.7″ and 5.5″… That way they will also avoid being criticized of changing their mind about big screen sizes…

      That same logic could be applied to the rumored iPad with a bigger screen: iPad Air with 7.9″ and 9.7″ and iPad Pro with 9.7″ and ?”…

      At least this is what I would do if I the decision was on me… Keep the current well-selling versions and create a whole new Pro line for the most demanding people…

    • I really hope they DONT drop the numbering system!
      Stupid to call it iPhone air or iPhone Yosemite e.t.c.
      Just keep it ridiculously simple – just iPhone 6, FINISHED!

      Who amongst Europeans (or rest of the world) could pronounce such a “difficult” name as Yosemite?
      I still pronounce it “Joes-mite”.

      So Apple has failed a little bit in their naming schemes.
      But everyone can pronounce iPhone and iPad and iPod and iMac.

      • I just don’t think that they would use their software naming system to name their hardware products… Using Air seems legit to me though….

      • Following your logic, I live in France and Apple has failed naming the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, OS X (OS dix/x), iOS, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.

      • Pat says:

        But it’s not a numbering system, is it? The iPhone 4 was the only iPhone to be numbered. All the others barring the original were named by either a number or combination of numbers and letters. but these numbers have never been a tally of how many iPhone there have been.

        The second iPhone was called the “iPhone 3G”, the third was the “3G S” My iPhone (the 5) was the sixth iPhone and the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c are in fact the 7th & 8th iPhones!

        So I can’t wait for the new iPhone 9 in a couple of months

    • Even if they name it iPhone Air, then next year they have to ad some number with it or may be year, it cant be iPhone Air, for rest of the life.

      • Why not? They do this with iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros, iPods…

      • acslater017 says:

        Yep. Unlikely to adopt the Mac nomenclature quite yet. Mac designs change quite infrequently. In its 6 years, MacBook Air has only had 2 designs. MacBook Pro is almost unchanged physically since 2008. They’ve received many spec bumps but nothing visible to an average consumer and worthy of a marketing name change.

        In contrast, iPhones consistently get complete redesigns every 2 years. Mobile tech is still advancing quickly enough that every new design gets a new name. I do think numbers start to suffer from Police Academy Syndrome after 5 though.

    • jrox16 says:

      iPhone mini (4″), iPhone Air (4.7″), iPhone Pro (5.5″)

      I’ve been thinking that would fit in with the rest of the product line nicely for a while now.

      Still, I’m struggling to believe Jony Ive, Mr. DesginGod, would allow for such fat and ugly antenna gaps

    • It’ll be a long three month wait for the Fandroids until the Galaxy Air is released… lol

    • Xac says:

      I would like to see an iPhone Volte.

    • Makes you wonder if the next generation of super thin, light devices might be the iPad Helium, iBook Helium, etc???

  3. The arguments about Apple’s entry in to the phablet market is going to be good. All the Android fans will start losing their minds as they dig up Steve Jobs’ references where he vehemently spoke against phones of such sizes while also continuing spewing vitriolic comments at Cook.

    While I am excited for a slightly larger phone than the 4″ model, and the possibility of a more edge-to-edge design, a 5″ phone is just too much. Apple or not, it’s just too big.

    It’s already been said but I wonder what a phone that size will do to iPad mini sales.

  4. This saddens me in that they appear to be real, yet they are just as ugly as the previous leaks.

    I was hoping that at the last minute, when we finally see the real deal, it would look more attractive and I would fall in love with the design. It appears this isn’t going to be the case this year for me at least. I just flat out will not buy this giant, ugly phone.

    I do think that it will be the most popular iPhone model by far and sell great gangbusters if only because it’s “big,” and everyone wants that lately. It sure won’t be winning any design/beauty contests though. I think a lot of hard core iPhone enthusiasts will avoid this model.

    • rogifan says:

      Why do you think you’re seeing the final product now? This is a leak like all the others. We have no idea how real it is, or if it is what stage of production. I’ll bet any money when the real deal is announced those antenna bands will be the same color as the anodized aluminum back to make it almost look like there are no seams.

      • Cumulative evidence and long experience. As implied by the author of the article, this is very likely real and pretty much exactly what you can expect the “space grey” iPhone 6 to look like. It’s possible the white one will be different and thus not so ugly with the lines on the back, but I wouldn’t count on it.

        In any case I have no interest in a phone this size and shape. If I did, I would have bought a Samsung Galaxy years ago since the dimensions are almost identical.

      • Totally agree, to make the phone any bigger than the iPhone 5 would dramatically reduce the one handed functionality. To be able to grip the phone in one hand and use the keyboard efficiently is most likely out the window with this form factor. I will sell more than any other iPhone since people for some reason want big screens. It seems as though this is the beginning of the post steve jobs product pipeline. Hope I’m wrong.

    • zubeirg87 says:

      I’m also not a fan of huge phones, and will always choose a phone that is one-handed operable. But while I’d agree with you about the size of the phone and its lack of aesthetics, I also think that we need to actually see it and hold it to be able to give the final word about it.

    • zubeirg87 says:

      It is the same Jony Ive, who designed all those outstanding apple products, who is making this iPhone. So there are good chances it will keep the same level of aesthetics as other Apple products.

      • You mean the same Johnny Ive who brought us the amazing amounts of white space and unreadable fonts that is currently called iOS7? Yeah… I won’t hold my breath for a beautiful design… they seem to not be interested in that any more.

      • zubeirg87 says:

        I felt people liked iOS 7 generally speaking. And Apple’s hardware are still the best out there. Anyway, we’ll see..

      • Actually there are about 12 to 15 people (men and women) who design Apple’s hardware even though Ive gets all the credit for some reason.

        Besides which, everyone makes mistakes. One of the greatest Industrial designers of the last 50 years, Phillipe Stark, is responsible for a whole raft of iconic 20th century designs, but he has made a lot of crap too.

    • “If I did, I would have bought a Samsung Galaxy years ago since the dimensions are almost identical.”

      I thought we all liked the iPhone because of iOS. As long as the iPhone 6 is still running what I consider to be the best mobile operating system; I honestly don’t care what it looks like.

    • nonyasip says:

      I don’t know whether these leaks are real or not but if it’s real deal than aesthetically it’ll be a downgrade for me, especially those ugly and thick lines on the back. If they are removed or made thin than it’ll be fine but still not as beautiful as iPhone 5.
      After falling in love for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 design these leak pictures are bit of concern for me.
      Well but you never know the future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • I like the design overall although I don’t like the thickness of the antenna bands but I’ll live with it considering I still have the iPhone 4 bought when it was first released. I will probably use a case anyways. I can get why some people don’t like it but for me it will be a welcome upgrade.

    • PMZanetti says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about

  5. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    This looks a lot better than some of the other leaks. The antenna bands don’t look as clunky. Still prefer the 5s design so far, but not bad at all if this is indeed real.

  6. Ihas Idriess says:

    The size is a bit too big for my liking……

  7. Probably a fake. 1. Apple doesn’t go from diamond cut chamfer edges to plastic. 2. Look how the power button on the side is off-centered.

  8. Vlad Sushko says:

    What’s with those lines? It looks terrible… or it’s just me? :)

  9. It blows my mind how people keep complaining about “one handed use”… how small are your hands, guys? People also keep saying “What will I do now that Apple isn’t going to make tiny phones?!” Well, just keep the pretty much brand new phone you have and quit your whining. :)

    PS – iOS 7 was the best thing to happen to iPhone and iOS 8 looks EVEN BETTER so how you like them Apples?

  10. The schematics for this iPhone shape were “leaked” a while ago right? What says people aren’t just reproducing copies and that these aren’t even close to how it will look?
    I’m still seriously skeptical about those antenna bands, they look horrible in my opinion I can’t see where Apple are coming from here. They did so well with the built in antenna shell on the iPhone 4. Cleverly hiding the antennas in plane sight. This however is just wrong to me. I’ll hold final judgement on purchase until it’s announcement and subsequent viewing. I won’t be first in line to buy one though I would much rather see, hold and use it in an Apple store before committing to buy this. Which is a first for a long time. The iPhone 4 and 5 also all iPad models (except the ipad 4 with lightning connector) were purchased by me as soon as they went on preorder.

    • I think history can answer your question… how many iPhone schematics or mockups or leaked pics were long standing (over the course of many months spanning many rumors and sites) but yet turned out to be false and the design was completely different from the rumors and pics? I’ll answer that for you, not a single one. The only one that came close was the ‘tear drop’ design from a few years ago however that rumor didn’t last nearly as long and there were no real leaked picture or schematics and no manufacturer prototypes pictured. No, this is the real deal unfortunately and at this point our only hope is 1 of 2 things:

      1.) This is a part of their effort to ‘double down’ on security and these leaks have been allowed because they aren’t close to the real design and Apple has a surprise planned for us. This has happened with the iOS releases as of late (iOS 7 and 8 were both huge surprises as to what they brought). Unfortunately however this option doesn’t seem likely as Apple doesn’t control the supply chain, so true secrecy is probably never going to be achieved; at least not to the point that the iOS secrecy is. Outside evidence lends itself to this point in that they have been rumored to recently be having meeting with supply chain heads to assemble a ‘task force’ to cut down on leaks… If these leaks were perpetuated by Apple themselves then they wouldn’t be worried about recent leaks and the task force would be unneeded.

      2.) This is the real design however in the final release, those thick ugly antenna breaks are liquid metal and are anodized to the same color as the the rear shell itself so they will be virtually unnoticeable or distinguishable.

      The only other alternative is that this is real and these thick ugly bands will remain. Let’s hope for option 1 but plan for option 2 (the most likely of the 2). If this really is what it will look like then count me out for the first time since the original iPhone.

      • I like the idea that they anodise those (HIDEOUS) antenna bands the same colour, but can’t see it happening. This ‘leak’ looks too far along in it manufacturing to have anything else done to it. Looks like a final product waiting for assembly in my opinion.

        I agree with you though, I too feel I may be moving elsewhere come September. I’m waiting to see what HTC do with the ‘One’ series next, if they were to stick a better camera in the back of that device it would be the perfect phone. Size, shape, screen size/pixel density, material, sound. Other than it’s OS that would be alien to me after 5 years of iOS I really think the next HTC one will be perfect hardware wise.

      • The HTC One is a very good phone however iOS 8 is far superior unfortunately. I have a Nexus 5 with the newest version of Android and I have the iOS 8 beta… iOS 8 is (finally) leagues ahead of Android and probably will be not just in the thoroughness of the features implemented but the how well the features are implemented to begin with. Many of the features from iOS 8 were found on Android (and Windows phone too actually) however the way Apple implemented in a controlled powerful and extensible way is second to none.

      • No offence but most of what you say makes no sense at all.

        Aside from your “1” scenario which is pure fantasy …

        The bands/lines referred to in “2”, are non-conducting “breaks” in the metal. They cannot be made of “liquid metal” because liquid metal conducts to some degree just like any other metal. They also cannot be “anodised” which is a process that is again, only applied to metal, which these bands are not.

        The little “windows” that the radio signals come out from on the top and bottom are glass, although they have been made to look like aluminium just like the trackpads on MacBooks. The thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t go with making the windows out of black/white glass as on previous models. the same phone but with white or black “ends” would be far more attractive IMO. It would also be a bit of a nod to the original iPhone design with the black bottom.

      • mr grey, i think you’re wrong about liquid metal – always described as ‘radio transparent’ so the aerials could be placed behind. That’s my theory – the bands used to be dividing aerial elements, by making them ‘slightly’ thicker, they now ARE the aerial windows!

    • nonyasip says:

      ”I think history can answer your question… how many iPhone schematics or mockups or leaked pics were long standing (over the course of many months spanning many rumors and sites) but yet turned out to be false and the design was completely different from the rumors and pics? I’ll answer that for you, not a single one.”

      I think you’re simply wrong on this account. Check out iPhone 5 leaks.

  11. So far this looks like almost every Android-based southkorean smartphone. Not too bad, not too good, not too shiny. Just another smarthphone on the shelf.
    Fingers crossed that Apple will come up with something better – they should really stick to the angular design, for some reason I really don’t like all that curves (for a phone).
    Maybe in July we’ll have something closer to the original, hopefully something way different and better! :)

  12. Frank says:

    Id rather see the phone be a little thicker to carry a bigger battery.

    • Park says:

      A million times YES! I’m getting tired of Apple’s obsession with thinness, and would gladly have a phone that’s a little thicker for a bigger battery.

    • Yep. One of my businesses starting taking off a few months and now I’m on the phone more per day than in any time in the past, and now I see the issue with the battery for the first time. I am charging twice per day now.

  13. evanbeezy says:

    Looks like they condensed down the true tone flash

    • Yeah, I noticed that, too. Also, the Apple cut out on the back… does that mean a lit Apple logo is coming to the back of the iPhone?

      • No, there is not going to be a backlit logo. Every year people think this. The cutout is for the different material of the logo.. For The laptops have backlit logos because the backlight for the screen is the top most layer of the laptop. In-between the screen and the back plate there is everything.. the battery, main board etc.. There will not be any backlight.

      • 100% WRONG Cameron. The Apple logo on every phone is metal foil NOT an inserted piece of a different material. Do you know the story about Steve switching the Apple logo on the MacBooks? If you did, you’d know they are indeed lighting up the logo. Read “Contagious: Why things Catch On” if you want to learn the story and why they are indeed doing this.

      • No, ignore Israel’s comment. It would be so hard to light up the iPhone or iPad logo, it’s probably not going to happen. It will also drain the battery, or at least the only hack I’ve ever seen where they insert a light there, the battery drains twice as fast as usual.

        The Apple log is usually just foil on iPhones or iPads, but with the last few iPads they have begun making the insert out of a different, non metallic material. It still won’t light up though.

      • The home button was upgraded to a Touch ID sensor. Maybe it’s time for the Apple logo to have some other functionality than just a logo. I remember Apple has the ability to upgrade its components without radically changing the look of the phone. Maybe this cutout will serve as the window for the antenna (if the black lines are not true) or a glowing logo used as a notification indicator. I’ve seen mods of the iPhone 4 with glowing logo so Apple can do this better.

      • yep. Israel wrong, cameron right. The inserted plastic does suggest it’s a window for a radio aerial though – like the iPad – wifi if i remember correctly.. or BT

      • Pat says:

        You are all wrong… the  cut-out is going to be a bottle opener

  14. hinezy says:

    Every time I hear someone complain about the iPhone 6 design it reminds me of the good old iPhone 4! When that phone was leaked by being left in the bar, everyone was up in arms about how ugly it was and that it couldn’t be real and if it was they weren’t buying it. Then it was released and became known as the best looking phone ever to that point!

  15. Isn’t there a point when the taller, lighter, stronger motif might have reached its limit? I’m concerned that Apple is getting too comfortable with the same type of improvements.
    The metal seems interesting, but like some people said before, it’s a little grungy.

  16. John Martin says:

    Does not look very nice compared to the classy 5S. I hope the finished model will look much better.

    • RP says:

      I like the look, but I agree with you that it is not as elegant as the 4 or 5. Those two were definitely classy looking devices. This one looks cool, but far more casual.

  17. Interesting that the logo looks to be a cutout/insert rather than a part of the phone’s body as Apple has been doing. Reminds me of the original iPhone more than any of the other models and that is not a bad thing at all

  18. I am guessing that there will three new iPhones: an updated version of today’s 4″ perhaps just called iPhone, the 4.7″ model called iPhone Air and a 5.5″ model called iPhone Pro.

    Just as today we have a MacBook, a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro.

    It makes no sense to not continue the 4″ as a lower cost option, and for people who prefer it.

    • Although I’m not sure if there still is a plain ol’ MacBook now.

    • It’s way more likely that the iPhone 6 is the new 4.7″ version that we see above, the 4″ option is going to be an “iPhone 6c” (the iPhone 5s in a plastic case), and the iPhone 5c takes the place of the “8GB only, free with contract phone.”

      This is more likely because the 5c has already been made in 8GB versions, the 4 and 4s are going to be obsoleted this year, they still need a 4″ phone for the majority of people who don’t actually want the bigger one, and because Apple has never produced more than one iPhone design per year so far.

      I don’t think the 5.5″ phone is even real or will ever happen. There are no rumours beyond the mere mention of a possibility that it might be something they are working on. There have been no leaks, no pictures, etc. A 5.5″ phone is also arguably too large for any but a tiny minority of people, and all the Android phones of that size (larger than 5″) sell poorly if at all relative to the rest of the market. If it happens at all, it’s more likely to be a new iPod touch aimed at the gaming market. Those are pretty much the only folks that want a screen that big.

      In terms of envisioning a more powerful, “Pro” mobile computer, it would make far more sense for Apple to produce an “iPad nano” than it would for them to make an even larger phone. This is because the reason people want a bigger phone in the first place, is that they want one device to do everything; the so-called “phablet.” A 6″ or 7″ iPad format phablet with an aspect ratio for documents makes more sense than a 6″ or so phone with an aspect ratio for movies/games.

  19. Brian Pex says:

    The 5.5 rumor is stupid. Flat out too big and I truly think won’t happen. The 4.75 inch size is perfect is the entire design is streamlined. The HTC One has a perfect size. A faster iPhone 6 with a 4.75 inch screen is pure heaven and for those into the whole eco system like me, I can’t wait….

  20. h4y6d2e says:

    here’s the thing that screams ‘fake’ to me. i HIGHLY doubt that they would get rid of the dual color LED flash that’s on my 5s and this shell has a round hole for a single LED.

    apple typically doesn’t go backwards.

  21. scumbolt2014 says:

    Amazing the amount of dolts an here whining about an unfinished product looking unfinished. This is just a piece (if even real) of the new iPhone.

  22. clyde47 says:

    can we hide the blacklines(antena) please? 😪

  23. kobymac says:

    This looks exactly like the HTC one M8…only uglier.

  24. I still don’t understand why they would take a step backwards in terms of flash. Unless this is a weird 2 stage outer ring, inner ring flash.. I dunno.

    Good thing is the antennae bands look much thinner and more defined than the previous leaks/mockups.

    Generally speaking I always like the finished product, but I can’t help but get when concepts come out from designers and third parties that look more adventurous or sleeker.

  25. evilsteven says:

    I like the cutout for the apple logo I’m curious what functionality it will have. Hopefully more than just a visual indicater for inbound calls/alerts and a cool rave factor.(mood lighting any one?) Also like the rounded bezel, looks very ergonomic for some reason also though I love the iPhone 5 designe it’s edges alway seemed sharp and uncomfortable though the materials and finish felt awesome. I admit it’s a little more generic looking so the “bands” add character for me and hopefully they do something even a bit more radical with it before it comes out

  26. Rahul Ramesh says:

    Looks very cool and sleak, but makes me wonder about its battery life.

  27. confluxnz says:

    My God. That thing is fugly. If that phone is what Apple release in October, I will quickly dash out and buy a 5S before they’re pulled from sale.

  28. ibtrackin says:

    The Apple logo looks translucent to me if that’s the case, that’ll be slick. Using the flash for notifications is ttoo bright and annoying.

  29. What do you guys think of this article? does it have any merit to it?

  30. I think they might be fake. Look at the holes for the camera and compare them to the camera of the iPhone 5s. It is possible that they sourced different electronic components but I am skeptical.

  31. rippedmonkeys says:

    I hope the Apple logo in the back of the next iPhone will glow like the MacBooks’ Apple logo.

  32. Is the “hollow apple logo” normal? Could it be pointing to a new sensor coming behind it? It wouldn’t be too comfortable, but I’d love to see the Touch ID moved on the back and the Home Button disappear (it is the single most defective component), it would leave a lot of room for a bigger screen within a regular-size iPhone (just squeezing the bezel).

  33. silas681 says:

    I thought that some thing was lost between the 4/4s and 5. I am sick to death of the number of tiny dings that have appeared on the top edge of my Iphone 5s, I am careful, but obvioulsy not enough (I DONT WANT TO HIDE THE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN OF A LUXURY PRODUCT IN A BLOODY PLASTIC CASE!). The Iphone 4 was bullet proof in comparison. The Iphone 4 I had for 3 years looks better than the bashed up edges of the 5s I have had for 5 months.

    And now (if the rumours and images above are to be believed) we have annonymous styling that could be a HTC or SAMSUNG or LG. Now we have this new shape which seems, in my view, to put product thinness above all other attributes. I loved the 4 (revolutionary), I like the syling of the 5, but i doubt I will ‘Love’ the 6 if it looks like. At least I wont mind hiding THAT shape in a case………………

    …………………… system be damed for holding my attention!

  34. benzben070 says:

    Enough with the rear shell, lets see how bezel-less is the screen

  35. I don’t get how so many of you think that this is an ugly phone. Do you think that the current iPads are ugly? Because this is the first time the iPhone and iPad look somewhat similar it each other. It’s the first time the iOS-family is close to a unity.

    I get that the bands are distracting, but once we hold it in our hands I bet that we will get another view of them.

    I used to hate that the iPhone 5 had its camera positioned off centre in the white/black glass space. But I forgot about that as soon as I got it in my hands because the overall design was great.

    I think this new iPhone design is the best since the first on, wich still is the best IMHO.

  36. Dear Jesus I hope these leaks are fake. Those thick separator lines on the back and sides will be a huge step backward after the laser-like precision fit of the iphone 5.

  37. 2112entropy says:

    Anyone know if they could fit a larger screen, 4.75 or 4.8, into that housing reducing the overall bezel from the mockups going around?

  38. nug02 says:

    Clear apple logo on the back…… I’m guessing this will light up when unlocked like the MacBooks. (?!?)

  39. nonyabiness says:

    >> Relax Max.

    Agreed. Seriously- calm down dude. Also, think about sounding a little less superior in your posts- it’s annoying.

  40. Probably, if they go that way, it will not only be a matter of size screen…

  41. robotmo33 says:

    Can you direct us to an iPhone 5/5s casing photo showing a cut-out logo? I’m hard-pressed to believe the logo on my phone is cut out. Looks part-and-parcel of the aluminum casing to me (just polished instead of blasted).