Apple’s latest TV ad for iPhone 5s

Following a report earlier this month that claimed Apple is in the process of moving its TV advertising in-house as it loosens ties with long-time partner TBWA. Today, AdAge adds more to the story noting Apple has been aggressively hiring from other ad agencies as well as “pitting TBWA/MAL against this internal agency with “jump balls” to mine the best creative ideas.” 

It’s pitting TBWA/MAL against this internal agency with “jump balls” to mine the best creative ideas, a controversial tactic with outside agencies, let alone an internal one. It’s going after some of adland’s boldest-faced names to staff its in-house shop — in some cases, it’s even poached executives from TBWA/MAL. And, in what once would have been seen as a sacrilegious breach of the Apple-MAL bond, it’s been inviting some of the ad industry’s top shops to pitch on major projects.

The rest of the report details Apple’s hiring of talent from a number of high-profile ad agencies in recent years and notes that Apple aims to have its in-house agency eventually include around 1,000 employees. “Last fall, Ad Age reported that Apple was looking to build out its in-house team to 600 people from 300. Today, according to a high-level agency exec recently approached, Apple has upped that number to a massive 1,000.”

Earlier this year documents from an Apple vs Samsung trial leaked out showing the company’s relationship with advertising agency partner TBWA/Media Arts Lab was on the ropes.

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4 Responses to “More on Apple’s in-house ad efforts, plans to grow team to 1,000 employees”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Interesting news. The recent ads from the in-house agency have been pretty good.


  2. if there is any Apple team that really needs to be 1000 people (as opposed to the usual half dozen), it’s the Maps team, not the Advertising team.

    Apple products sell themselves, the Maps however, still suck (mostly due to the small number of people working on them).


  3. RP says:

    If there is one group that needs to be on the “OUTSIDE” is advertising. You need fresh thoughts from the outside. Once you bring it in and live and work in the monkey house, the smell of it become “normal” You never want that,.

    The jackass email to Phil from their advertising company just meant it was time to get rid of them, but not to bring it in-house,


  4. togetherinparis says:

    Here’s a toss up for ya’ Apple! Hire me! I penned the “What will your verse be?” anti-suicide pawn that you’ve picked up to sell iPads! I did most of the creative bits in Dead Poets Society (desk standing, teaching moments, whistling, the boys’ poems are in my handwriting!) I wrote the speeches in Independence Day, Armageddon, V for Vendetta, Deep Impact, and LOR, the letters to the future in Back to the Future, the notes in K-PAX and Good Will Hunting. Shawshank Redemption was me, so was Elliot. I am E.T.! and, for a few lines at least, Indiana Jones! I know its against the rules, but hey! Get in touch with me, just tell me who you are when you call. Thanks and may God bless all of you.