Bloomberg reports that Apple is moving more of its TV advertising in-house. This means the company is loosening ties with Chiat\Day, the ad agency Apple has used for more than 30 years, best known for producing Apple’s 1984 campaign.

Apple told Bloomberg that Apple’s ‘Pencil’ iPad ad, pictured above, was developed by Apple’s internal advertising team and are now responsible for all other TV ads airing now.

The report goes on to say that Apple built out its internal team using employees from Chiat\Day. Apple’s team is apparently led by Tyler Whisnand, who Apple acquired from Media Arts Lab. The company has also been hiring from other ad agencies, according to Bloomberg.

The Apple-Samsung trial showed that relations with the agency were on the ropes, as early as January 2013.

After watching one Samsung pre-Super Bowl ad Schiller wrote an email to Vincent, commenting on the ad. “It’s pretty good and I cant help but think “these guys are feeling it” (like an athlete who can’t miss because they are in the zone) while we struggle to nail a compelling brief on iPhone,” Schiller wrote in an email, presented in court on Friday. He added: “Something drastic has to change. Fast.”

Most notably, this means Apple’s Your Verse campaign falls under its internal team.  Your Verse consists of a series of stories about iPad being used in different situations. In late May, Apple introduced its latest addition to this campaign, focusing on iPad’s use in orchestra and writers.

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10 Responses to “Apple moving TV advertising in house, reducing reliance on Chiat\Day”

  1. iPadCary says:

    What difference does all of this make?
    Almost nobody buys Apple stuff based on a commercial.
    They don’t even show the bloody product most of the time:
    So how would a casual viewer know whst it is thier being enticed to buy? Besides, commercials are meant to appeal to dummies who’ll buy anything just cuz it’s awn the TeeVee, hyuck!
    And, for the most part anyway, Apple users aren’t dummies.


  2. rlowhit says:

    Ad agencies are no different than lawyers. Billable hours and overallocation of people to larger clients. Good move Apple.


  3. J.latham says:

    Maybe it’s because I wasn’t alive when it came out and commercials have changed but if the 1984 commercial came out today, I would probably fire whoever did it because of how terrible it is. It does nothing to connect the product to the customer, and it is completely devoid of any reference to the product other than the VoiceOver at the end.
    The best commercials Apple has ever done were the iPod Silhouette Ads and the Get A Mac Ads


  4. The latest “Your Verse” is garbage. The “Gigantic” ad is perfect, while “Your Verse” is just so tough to watch. Consistency is key.


  5. They need to really figure their stuff out. Am I the only one around here that hated that commercial with the kid at christmas? I thought it was a Subaru commercial for the first half of it.


  6. Ryan Brooks says:

    It’s true that people do not buy Apple products because of their advertising. However like all advertising at this level, they are maintaining their brand. People would buy Apple products without the clever/compelling TV spots. Apple’s ads are an entrenched part of the company’s culture.

    Once you’re the coolest kid in school you’re obligated to show up to the party. Once you’re at the party, people are reminded that you’re the coolest kid in school.


  7. Apple is a money machine, they figured why should we continue to pay somebody else to do something we can do ourselves