Remember when Microsoft took the wraps off its new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 while comparing it to a MacBook Air last month? Microsoft is hoping that argument was convincing enough to at least some MacBook users with a new trade-in offer allowing MacBook Air owners to get up to $650 off a new Surface Pro 3. All they have to do is hand over their MacBook Air and hop on the productivity train with their new Windows 8 hybrid tablet/ultrabook.

With the trade-in discount, the $799 base model Surface Pro 3 comes to just $150.


We’re assuming the full $650 trade-in value will be for the latest Air models in good condition, and the deal will require you to hunt down a Microsoft retail store by July 2014 to complete the trade-in. Any takers?

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51 Responses to “Microsoft offers $650 to trade in MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3”

  1. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!!!!!!

  2. Gee … I’ll pass … thank you ;)

  3. What’s up with that (original) headline, man? I saw it before it was changed.

  4. I can get $800 + selling it myself. Trade up? Ya right.

  5. Vida András says:

    This is just sad… Soooo sad… If someone even trades in, it will be because of the money… they sell the surface shit too and that got $1000 to but the latest kick-ass Air on the market

  6. Maybe if they offered $650 AND the tablet for the MBA…

  7. lol love the original headline


  8. hahahah no fuckin’ way…even if Microsoft pays me 650 bucks

  9. would not even want one for free.

  10. Well, if Microsoft is wealing to take my 2008 macbok air for 650 i’m up for that, get the surface for 150, sell it and buy me a better macbook

  11. Hahaha this is great! the thing is in one year the Surface Pro 3 will be worth about $200. In a year a 2013 MacBook Air’s value is $650 on ebay with an i5, 128 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, some are even selling way above the price of the Surface Pro 3. I think this is really funny. Surface Pro 3 looses too much value after 1 year.

  12. c1ce091b says:

    They will have to pry my dead hands off of it, its the only way I am giving up my Apple products for the blue-screen of death!

  13. Tim Jr. says:

    Not happening.. nope, never, nada.. That trade-in would only have value to the few that DONT want to continue to use the Apple Eco-system.. and while I’m certain there are some, it’s far and few and it is much more telling that they would target Apple in the trade in rather than have a general trade-in program…

    Just a guess; they are not selling nearly as many as they had hopped.

    • Of course they’re not selling as many as they had hoped. Who would buy that? It’s not a tablet and it’s not a notebook either. It’s clear they don’t have people to think and completely missed the point, they’re just wasting their money trying to beat Apple but they miss the point. It’s not about beating someone, it’s about making something that will blow everyone away by how amazing it is, but that’s now something what Microsoft can do.

      • The Surface Pro 3 is just a fail. The original Surface Pro failed, so did the Surface Pro 2, did anyone really expect the Surface Pro 3 to do any better. If they won’t it to replace a lap top at least give it a video card. Windows 8 and the Surface Pro line coupled with the fact Microsoft has already dropped Windows XP support and are going to drop Windows 7 support is causing Microsofts own down spiral. Well I guess they are just forcing people to buy superior computers over whatever their inferior surface tablet/laptop is supposed to be.

      • thejuanald says:

        To be fair, terminalcode2014, the macbook air also has an integrated Intel gpu. Granted, the new macbook air has a 5000 series chip while the surface pro 3 has the 4000 series.

        I don’t know about the Surface Pro 3, because I haven’t had the chance to use it, but my Surface Pro 2 is fantastic. It has completely replaced the ipad, being able to take notes, do math problems, and draw using a great pen is amazing (I tried using the ipad 3 I have as a not taking device. Over $150, and multiple styli, later, I flat out gave up on that thing ever being useful for note taking). If I need to type a lot or use mac specific software, my MacBook Air comes right out, but the Surface Pro 2 has been a great companion to my Air.

      • thejuanald says:

        That being said, I’d never trade my Air in for a Pro. If I wanted to sell the Air and purchase the Surface Pro 3, i would sell it myself and get more money than they could offer me.

      • thejaunald I get what your saying. For me though I don’t use a tablet. Anything I can do on a tablet is either done on my phone or on a computer and I don’t want what’s trying to be a tablet and laptop at the same time. I would rather have a laptop or even a desktop.
        The Surface line has been a fail for Microsoft as they have already taken over a billion dollar loss on the entire line of them. It’s a money pit and Windows 8 not being liked by many is not helping them. Yes there are those who like Windows 8 but I don’t like it and I’m even Microsoft office certified which is supposed to be the big feature of the surface tablet. Out of all the people I have talked to have used Windows 8 maybe 1 in 20 of the people I have talked to liked it. The rest said they wish they hadn’t bought it in the first place. On X Box it works. On Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Phones it doesn’t work for most people.
        In my opinion Microsoft should shelf the surface line. Then instead of dropping Windows 7 support next year keep it around. From there they need to stop trying to fix Windows 8 just go back to the drawing board using what they have from consumer feedback and make Windows 9. Then shelf Windows 8 and Microsoft wants to cut Windows 7 support.

  14. Quite amazing joke hahahaha can’t stop laughing :D

  15. pecospeet says:

    I would consider it if they will take my 2011 MBA, but only after I get a new MBA / MBP later this year.

  16. This made my day, they can’t be serious :D :D :D :D

  17. There’s a Surface 3? What happened to the first two iterations? I love my MacBook Air; thank you.

  18. des·per·ate adjective \ˈdes-p(ə-)rət, -pərt\
    : very sad and upset because of having little or no hope : feeling or showing despair

  19. What about those of us with a top of the line (for now) MacBook Pro? I guess we’re just screwed. This whole thing is laughable. Clearly, they have so low faith in their own product that they have to bribe people to buy them. You won’t see Apple do this to lure people away from their Surface Pro, or other tablet PCs. Apple not only produces much better products, but they have faith in what they make.

  20. abel9037 says:

    Is that how desperate they are to get costomers, I thought new products are successfull when they are first released? I don’t think its worth it and I bet they’ll extend it because of no one attending/participating

  21. And soon eBay will have pages upon pages of Surface 3 auctions…

  22. Mark Kwong says:

    How is the original headline unacceptable? It’s speaks truth.

  23. Mark Kwong says:

    I’m surprised the new MS CEO would allow stupid crap like this to go through.

    • I’m not. Idiocy is part of their culture. Dumb crap like this happened under that idiot Ballmer, and it’s still happening. These people have no taste or class… and it shows.

      • Dave Huntley says:

        Ballmer of course didn’t have the foresight needed for a tech company he was out of ideas. he laughed off the iPhone and the iPad, MS for eons had tried to get tablets working, but they were all huge laptops with a stylus. So now MS is trying to play catch up. They may get a few customers here but the comparison seems off – the Air is a full laptop, so productivity apps not a question – so going to a tablet? If they had offered a deal on old ipads to go to a surface it might have made more sense. I cannot see them getting many takers, but you never know.

      • Clearly they don’t understand why people buy MacBook Airs. A lot of my customers use them because they offer great performance and light weight. Why would they want to go to a Surface when they already have what they need? I’m not sure that iPad users would be willing to do this either. Why do this when they can buy another iPad and continue using the same apps that they have spent years accumulating? Screw MS Office. There are lots of alternatives that offer the same features and capabilities.

  24. scumbolt2014 says:


    Truth hurts

  25. I need an upgrade to my MacBook Air in fact: trade in MacBook Air, get Surface for dirt cheap, sell Surface for profit on eBay, buy new MacBook Air.
    Microsoft just funded my new Apple machine…THANKS!

  26. rafalb177 says:

    Thank you, don’t like copycats. Besides, cheap crap is cheap crap. Always pre fare quality products.

  27. just out of curiosity, what was the original headline?

  28. Ok, but what for? Why do I need this shit?