Google I/O starts today, and as per usual, the company is kicking things off with a huge 2-hour press event set to start at 9 AM PT. The event is said to be bringing a multitude of new products and service announcements, rumored to include the “L” version of Android, Android Wear smartwatches, a new line of “Android Silver” smartphones, a second-generation Chromebook Pixel, an “Android TV” set-top box, Project Tango tablets, and Google Glass announcements.

Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai did something a bit different this year, confirming yesterday ahead of the event that Google will be touching on some of these rumored products, including Android Wear and Android 5.0. But as is the case with Google’s press events, there are surely countless surprises up their sleeves — we’re even hearing some unlikely rumors about super awesome nano-bots that could be the next big Google[X] project.

Tune in here at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET to catch the live stream embedded above, and be sure to follow along over at 9to5Google where we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news and covering today’s announcements in detail.

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15 Responses to “Tune in live to Google’s I/O press event live stream”

  1. All the people watching are google developers, its definitely nothing to brag about if you have 1,000,000 developers which are being filmed watching a live stream. This guys english is terrible, half the words are incomparable to the English language. I have to guess what he has said.


  2. c1ce091b says:

    in watching this…. can Sundar just stop pacing so much — that is so annoying. I feel like I am at an amusement park shooting range and trying to hit a moving target which doesn’t stop.


  3. Material design is basically a box moving across a screen with a shadow.


  4. The really nice effect has been around for years, its called parallax. What a load of rubbish.


  5. What I find hilarious is that so many people say that Apple rides Google’s coat tails when it comes to features, but so far, this event is all about design and user experiences that Apple implemented with iOS7, not just with iOS8. Seems like Google is finally starting to realize that packing in a bunch of niche features is not innovation nor does it provide a seamless and fluid user experience. Yes I am an Apple fan, but I do respect what Google does and they do have some nice products, but it goes to show that both aspects of design AND UI are very important. People need to realize that this “feud” between both platforms is not about who’s better, but challenging one another to learn, grow and develop even greater and greater products. We will always have our personal preferences, but one or the other taking over completely would be a catastrophe..


  6. Look… competition is good for us all. Regardless of being an Apple/Google Fan Boy, hater or neutral. I prefer one over the other like most folks but I applaud both for the cat and mouse they are forced to play. This is exciting stuff day in day out. Great time for geeks to be alive!


  7. i thought this was 9to5mac not 9to5google