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If you’ve ever been using any form of Google voice recognition and gotten frustrated that the friendly female on the other side just can’t understand you, you may be happy to know that a quick command can now fix misheard words. Previously, you would have to start the query over completely, but the Google Search app can now fix its blunders on the fly using a natural corrective voice command.

For instance, if you’re trying to search for the nearest bars, you might say “find me the nearest bars.” Whether it’s your fault or a problem in Google’s voice processing, there’s a chance that the app might interpret your query as “find me the nearest cars.” Using the command “no I said” in a new search will let you replace just that one word. To fix the search, say “no I said bars” and chances are that Google will fix it right up.

Ultimately this is a great and useful update because it makes our interactions with the voice assistant much more natural. Every update that comes to both Google Now and Apple’s Siri seem to make these virtual helpers more and more human like, which in turn make them much more useable. This new feature works in both the iOS and Android versions of the official Google Search app.


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2 Responses to “Google Search app can now fix its voice recognition mishaps with a quick command”

  1. This is good for people who somehow have the misfortune of Google’s system not understanding them. Probably 9.99 times out of 10 for me Google’s recognition works flawlessly. Apple needs to catch up to Google’s voice recognition software.


  2. 808phone says:

    So weird since I find Google Now to be quite useless when compared to Siri. Most of the time Google Now is useless and just takes you to the web. It gets the recognition correctly but what it does with it is quite useless. I guess you don’t ask it for directions much or most of the things Siri gets right. It’s only recently that Google Now even works on a PIN locked screen.