In what will only continue the endless stream of iPhone 6 leaks, MacRumors brings attention to a couple of new photos and videos of the supposed iPhone 6 back. Interestingly, a new dark black piece has been seen for the first time, featuring a shade much darker than the current Space Gray iPhone 5s. Until today, only gray pieces have been spotted, which does make the legitimacy of the part somewhat questionable.

The post also highlights some new images and videos from Fed & Volk, who ostensibly possess mid-production units of the iPhone 6 rear. This case is the standard light gray variant, however, and matches the component leaks we have been seeing from other sources for many months now. See a video of the part after the break …

These pieces do not feature speaker grilles, although the company says that this is because the part is incomplete and missing some details present in the final unit. The images clearly show how the internals of the iPhone 6 will be laid out, although specifics on these components cannot be inferred from the case alone. The nano-sim slot is visible however, on the right hand side.


As noted previously, the Apple logo is cutout from the shell which has prompted some speculation about whether Apple will backlight this element inline with the Mac lineup. There has not been any concrete evidence for this however. It should be noted that iPads use the cutout style, allowing radio signals to pass through a plastic covering. Regardless of its purpose, this is the most notable change visible in these images.


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34 Responses to “Supposed iPhone 6 back casing shown off in new video, including new dark black color”

  1. That still looks fake, look at the lack of precision in the milling patterns, and the large stumps, this doesn’t look anywhere near final yet.

    I’m honestly sick of all these mock-ups. If anything, it’s demonstrated that 3D printers are excellent for those people who already had no life, to have even less of a life than before.


  2. “Dark black color”, that’s a first.


  3. Tim Jr. says:

    Which contradicts the colors shown from the leaked colors of the sim trays.. mmmmm.. the plot of lies thickens.. The sim trays are gold, silver, and space grey.. not black.. which we know shows scratches very easily and why Apple stopped doing black.. and this is missing holes for Camera, speaker grill, etc. Looks like someone tried to CNC an aluminum mockup..


  4. rettun1 says:

    I wish they would bring back the slate color, it was so stark and awesome


  5. Those Thick lines again :(( I hope it really looks ok when I see it physically :P


  6. Damn I wish they would add black and gold to the line up… the white and champagne is dope but I think black and gold would be a little classier.


  7. Most people can appreciate the work that goes into each iPhone metal case. It’s time consuming. That can easily be a finished product. Those milling marks from a cutter on each pass are perfectly natural. They’re nearly perfectly smooth (to .0002 of an inch). You can’t feel them but that’s how the light reflects off them. Apple could blast the interior with glass beads or coat the interior but I’m not sure if that’s necessary. All I know is that it can’t be compared to most of those cheap, plastic Android battery covers or plastic cases.


    • herb02135go says:

      … because we know plastic sucks. And we know that apple fanboys don’t care what the phone does. They only care about how they look when they are hugging their nearest power outlet!


      • jrox16 says:

        Polly want a cracker? So you just come and puke out things Samsung has told you to say, lol. Our iPhone’s can do everything your Android can do. Phone, messages, email, web, camera, apps. All the same stuff, but you can customize more…good for you (big deal). And I never hug a power outlet and always get more than a full day out of my 5s no matter how much I use it. Samsung is nothing more than advertising and since their products are garbage and aren’t selling well (did you notice Samsung’s sales are down in 2014 as well as profits?) all they can do is bash the company they are trying so hard to be.


      • You must have one of those fancy batteries that never need charging. It does make me a little jealous that I have to charge my phone in over night while your phone just sits there unplugged.


    • Typical isheep Logic.

      I’m no fanboy I appreciate both Platforms as they both have pros and cons, but I might sound like one for a second because its ios users like you that make Android users hate everything apple. 90% of ios users put big ugly cases on their phones wether an otterbox or some fruity multicolored plastic case or some plain plastic case.

      My point is you brag about build quality then bash Android phones yet any Android phone including Galaxy Devices looks 10x better without a case then then 1 of the thousands of ugly cases iphone users slap on making your bashing plastic and bragging about build quality a moot point. Also I many prefer Durability over build quality. Ive own the iphone 5 and 5s in the past and while it feels nice in the hand naked its also extremely slippery just like the HTC One M8. Aluminum only looks good for so log until it gets a dent or scratches then your forced to put an ugly case on it anyways.

      Anyways with that being said the iphone 6 looks like it is going to be a good solid device and a smart move by apple to increase the screen to 4.7 instead of only going up to 4.2 or 4.3. I am curious to see what more ios 8 has to offer and what features will be shown including camera improvements.

      Its going to be some tough competition with the Note 4, Moto X +1 and Nexus 6 with Android L over the next 5 months.


  8. Clearly this is an unfinished part, the back hasn’t been milled down to its final thickness, only roughly cut out so it could be anodized to the proper color. After finishing (sandblasting, sanding, polishing, etc, the exterior won’t look nearly as dark as it currently is. This is just a Space Grey iPhone 6 before its been finished. The cylindrical posts on the inside of the part are grip points so the tools can properly hold on to the part as its being machined.


    • Ry L says:

      You don’t sand/polish and anodized finish.


    • Derek Carper says:

      This is what I was concerned about and I’m glad you provided the answer. From the perspective of someone who fixes iPhones, I immediately saw the cylindrical posts and was confused because I know the battery goes straight to the left and there was no way those left room for that or the motherboard on the right side. That’s a great piece of information!


    • RP says:

      The only problem with that theory is that if it needs further milling to thickness, why would any company then attach the tops, bottoms, assemble it, including attaching the antenna bands? Doesn’t make sense, Something about this part just doesn’t add up. It’s too weird. Certainly not a final production part of any sort.


  9. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    While the basic structure remains the same, it is odd that it is now appearing in black… While I love the slate color of the iPhone 5, I can’t see Apple bringing it back due to all the complaints about chipping and scratching. It also seems like those antennae bands are still there with no other material in place of them. It will be interesting to see if this is just another mockup or actually what Apple has planned for fall.


  10. RP says:

    Looking at the logo cutout, it seems like the back on this part is pretty thick. And the mill marks look a lot smoother than on any previously leaked parts. Something seems different about this part.


  11. rakinjannot says:

    I hope to god the phone doesn’t actually look like that. I love the diamond chamfered edges, it makes it so much easier to hold. It seems like those are very heavily rumored, so I’ll concede. Those are going away and I’m disappointed. But what’s with ditching the glass on the top and bottom of the back? The single flat color looks so dull. Metal is pretty and all but a single flat sheet of it is ugly in my opinion. It’s just this matte sea. The top and bottom bars of colored glass make the phone much more attractive. And those lines! Good god those fat, ugly lines across the back. If this back is accurate, this is shaping up to be one of the most unattractive phones on the market.


    • PMZanetti says:

      Its shaping up to be the nicest looking iPhone ever made….except maybe the 5c.

      Its also shaping up to be the most comfortable to hold. THANKFULLY those awful “diamond-cut chamfered edges” that were totally impractical and poorly executed are finally going by the way side for this superior design.


      • rakinjannot says:

        Superior how? Without the glass on the back and the rounded metal edges the thing will slip and slide if you don’t have a good grip on it. Glass is very resistive to sliding against skin and the cut edges dug into the skin to produce a gripping point. Both of these are going away. Not only that, but the rounded edges just look less attractive. It’s not a usability thing nor an application thing, it’s just asthetics for me. The rounded edges look like refined, “cheaper” if you will.


  12. mpias3785 says:

    I don’t see any accommodation for the various antennas.


  13. Anyone one notice there is no camera hole on the case???


  14. OMG it’s going to be waterproof! jk


  15. Jasper Yeung says:

    i guess there will be a back lit apple logo on the phone?