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Verizon today announced that it is finally adding 4G LTE support to its ALLSET prepaid plans starting on July 17th. This announcement comes just a few weeks after the addition was originally rumored. Starting on July 17th, customers can bring their own devices to ALLSET and use them with LTE data, in addition to using the devices officially offered through ALLSET by Verizon.

As far as prices go, for $45 a month, the plan gets you unlimited talk and text with 500MB of data. Should you need more data, you can pay for BRIDGE DATA, which runs $5 for another 500MB, $10 for 1GB, or $20 for 3GB. It’s important to note, however, that BRIDGE DATA expires after a predetermined number of days ($5 data after 30 days, $10 and $20 after 90 days). If you sign up for autopay, Verizon will give you another 500MB of data for free.

Breaking this down further, you could get 4GB (500MB with the base plan + 500MB free w/ autopay + 3GB of BRIDGE DATA) of data with unlimited talk and text for $65 a month. While that’s not the cheapest option by any means, it’s certainly respectable, especially for having no contracts tied to it.

ALLSET supports any Verizon-compatible device, including the Moto X, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, HTC One, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5s. You can read more about ALLSET on Verizon’s official blog.

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2 Responses to “Verizon’s LTE support for ALLSET prepaid plans arrives July 17 starting at $45/mo”

  1. ron837192 says:

    I don’t use a lot of data, so this seems like a pretty good deal. My wife and I pay $135 per month currently, and it seems that we could reduce this by $45 a month but with no contract and no device subsidies.

    Hotspot is also included in the “ALLSET” plans.

    Is there anything other differences between the pre and post paid plans that I don’t know about? I was planning on switching to T-Mobile come September when my Verizon contract turns out, but this plan also seems reasonable.