For the first time ever, users who do not subscribe to DirecTV service will have access to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket service on their mobile devices and computers for the 2014 season. During previous seasons, Sunday Ticket users had to have an active DirecTV satellite subscription to stream the games. While no official announcement has been made, DirecTV has published a promotional page for the service, advertising the fact that users can now “access live, out-of-market NFL games without a DIRECTV satellite TV account.

The service, according to the promotional page, will start $199.99 for the season with access via mobile devices and computers. Should you want access on video game consoles, you’ll have to spring for the $239.99 tier. The top of the line option runs $329.99 and includes access to Red Zone and the Fantasy Zone channel. It’s unclear at this point if AirPlay will be supported, but currently, the Sunday Ticket iOS app does not have it enabled.

Now you can access live, out-of-market NFL games without a DIRECTV satellite TV account—no matter what team you follow! NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV lets you stream games on your computer, tablet, phone, or game console. All while keeping up with real-time player stats and your fantasy teams.

The NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service will be supported on a variety of iOS and Android devices. Streaming starts on September 7th. The app is available on the App Store now. DirecTV does note that there are some markets in which the streaming service will not be supported, but you can check your area on the company’s website. Local games are also still blacked out.

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15 Responses to “NFL Sunday Ticket streaming to be supported on iOS, Mac without a satellite subscription for 2014 season”

  1. chrisl84 says:

    Here’s hoping for Airplay or just a straight up NFL Apple TV channel.


    • jpatel330 says:

      no its not. its regular pricing anyway at $199 and the top tier is absurd at $329. Also, it seems the $199 would not include air-play, which means you are stuck on watching it on the small mobile devices. Apple needs to bid for the sunday ticket exclusive rights and then make it free on their set top box devices. That will be huge. It will be a perfect way to sell new set top box devices like a hot cake that Apple seems to be working on currently.


      • so you want apple to pay the $199 for you. I guess that would be huge. but for everyone else, just being able to get the nfl ticket without having a cable bill is huge.


  2. Even if the app doesn’t support AirPlay, can’t you just set the AppleTV to mirror your iPhone or iPad anyway?


  3. Forget about it if you live in the Denver area evidentially. Not eligible. Go Hawks!


  4. So, which markets will it be available to at this time? Any ideas?


  5. Tom Benham says:

    Not available to me in Tallahassee, FL


  6. I think you need to take a look at the terms of service a little more closely…

    It clearly states that you can get it without DirectTV only if you are ineligible for DirectTV.


    • Forgot to post this:

      *NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV service will begin Sunday, September 7, 2014 and is only available in limited areas to non-DIRECTV customers located in eligible ZIP codes/select properties. NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV UNIVERSITY only available to students enrolled in eligible universities. Blackout rules and other conditions apply. NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV consists of all out-of-market NFL games (based on customer’s device location) broadcast on FOX and CBS. However, games broadcast by your local FOX or CBS affiliate will not be available in NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV. Games available via remote viewing based on device location. Only one game may be accessed remotely at any given time. Online access is only available on certain operating systems. Computer hardware, software, and Internet connection not included. Mobile access only available on certain devices. Additional data charges may apply. Please check with your service provider. Viewing on gaming consoles requires subscription to NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV MAX or NFL SUNDAYTICKET.TV CONSOLE. Only available on select gaming consoles. Visit NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV for a list of authorized consoles. Subscription cannot be downgraded or cancelled (in part or in whole) after the start of the season and subscription fees cannot be refunded. Visit for a list of system requirements and compatible mobile


  7. I had this on the PS3 a few years back, you can do it even in a DirectV service area.
    It said the same thing with that promotion and also with the Madden thing as well.


  8. to watch it simple google MANSCAVEFOOTBALL