The Apple TV will soon be getting more content thanks to a new FXNOW channel set to debut on the platform in the near future, according to two new reports (via iLounge). The news comes from the Television Critics Association Press Tour with TV writer Jason Lynch reporting the FXNOW channel will arrive on Apple TV within 12 months. The FXNOW channel, which is already available on iOS devices via an app for iPhone and iPad, offers on-demand video streaming from across the FX, FXX, and FXM networks.

While some reports claim that Simpsons World, a previously announced service set to offer on-demand content from The Simpsons TV show this fall, would also soon arrive as a separate app on Apple TV, Lynch follows up by noting Simpsons World will be part of the FXNOW channel on Apple TV set to launch online and with mobile apps: “technically Simpsons World isn’t a standalone app. In Oct, it will be accessible via the FXNOW app &”

The Simpsons World apps and website will offer access to all 552 episodes of The Simpsons as well as new content and interactive features designed specifically for the app. The new app is said to require a cable subscription to FX to access the content.

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7 Responses to “Apple TV to gain FXNOW channel w/ new Simpsons World content within 12 months”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Apple has really been on a roll adding channels to the Apple TV. There’s been a great many additions over the past year or so. Still some areas ripe for improvement, but it’s nice to see these types of additions.


  2. herb02135go says:

    The Simpsons?
    Is that show still around?
    Isn’t there a way to put it out of our misery?


  3. Not that anyone cares about the Simpsons anymore, but you should really start appending these AppleTV articles with “in the USA.” This blog has a global audience and you basically give 50% of your readers the finger when you talk about stuff as if it were global, when in fact it’s USA only.


  4. batmannz says:

    Exactly right! We have a flash streaming system/ video store online- how about a few more toys Apple??


  5. Yay! Another channel that you can only use by logging in with your “authorized” cable or satellite provider account.