Both and have published images of a myriad of alleged iPhone 6 components. This includes pictures of home buttons, ribbon cables and other elements of the device. Yet another photo of the iPhone 6 design is also included, this time shown off in the gold styling. The hole for the Apple logo is also visible, as discussed a few days ago.

The two home buttons, pictured above, differ slightly different in their construction, clearly meant for two different form factors of device — if any more evidence for both 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch phones was needed.

These disparate photos don’t reveal anything particularly outstanding about the upcoming phones, but it’s just the last bit of a very long timeline of leaks. With the phones entering production, these leaks will only continue.

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21 Responses to “As iPhone 6 enters production, even more internal components leak”

  1. I don’t get those plastic lines at the back…


    • Keith Dotson says:

      Going to guess that it would have to do with antennas and the such.


      • standardpull says:

        Sometimes the physics of radio and the materials engineering necessitate trade offs.

        That’s likely why. Johnny Ive can only design with materials and engineering processes that are viable.


    • jrox16 says:

      I have a hard time believing Jony Ive, the god of gadget design, would create such fat antenna gaps. I would imagine the plastic dividers would be as thin as the ones on the sides of the iPhone 5S.


      • tuvatech says:

        I miss the old days. Steve Jobs would had never allowed these ‘antenna lines’ we saw on iPhone 5, 5S and now on iPhone 6. These lines are absolutely ridicules. I hated the 2-colored back sides of 5 and 5S, and I already hate the 6 too. Steve Jobs would have told the engineers to come up with a better looking alternative. Oh, the iPhone is not what it used to be. I’ve been using them pretty much since inception, and although the current model has so much more speed and possibilities, my overall satisfaction is not the same as it was with.. let’s say even 3GS. The iOS 7 isn’t as good as the previous version, and neither is the phone itself. I guess Steve had a larger say in the matters than I previously thought.

        PS: But still a fan of Apple. I just miss Steve. :)


      • @tuvatech First of all you haven’t seen an iPhone 6, so you have no idea what it will finally look like (just letting you know this). Secondly Steve Jobs worked on things that are coming out this fall, and possibly even later. If you think Steve only worked on the 4S then I sincerely feel bad for you…

        P.S. iOS 7 is a million times better than iOS 6.


      • Tuvatech, this phone was already in development when Steve was still alive.


      • if i’d only read one more comment.. sorry about the double, now triple posts


  2. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    I really hope the “windows” end up being more like the 5/5s. Those lines look crude on the white model and (while not as bad) even the black model looks less than premium. Of course, maybe they’ll surprise us or maybe it’ll look better when the officially unveil it. Let’s see.


  3. I seriously hope Ive did not approve a final design with those ugly white antenna lines. They are so dominant on the gold color it makes the entire thing ugly. And like the other poster I seriously doubt Ive would have approved that for final design. We may still be seeing the prototype shells.


  4. Tim Jr. says:

    None of these photo’s actually prove the existence of a 5.5″ iPhone.. We’ve only seen mockups of it, NO part leaks for it. and the back casing still has lines..


    • Oh dear god. Nothing proves ANYTHING yet. See here’s the thing, until Apple announces these, there’s nothing but rumors to suggest their existence… Also, all of the case leaks could either be prototypes, pre-production models, or simply 100% fake (hence the functioning existence of the phone in this article). As for the back casing, this ISNT APPLE’S iPhone 6………………. and absolutely no one knows if anything we’ve seen thus far has been real, or is the final product. My god people need to open their eyes.


  5. PMZanetti says:

    Amazing design, revolutionary hardware achievement, 5 years ahead of the competition….


    Grow up.


  6. Now that’s when it gets more #exciting . #innovations #iphone #successor #iphone


  7. All these leaks seem to imply only single-LED flash. Obviously this could change, but it’d be very annoying if they get rid of that feature.


  8. Seriously? Those lines still exist? You lost me Apple, I’m not gonna upgrade to that shit with ugly antenna lines visible. …And yes, I’m a die hard Apple fan but not iSheep. Ugly is ugly.


  9. jobug77 says:

    Ah, though there is pictures of the new iphone 6 and what it’s design is!!!