2K games has announced that it is bringing the original 2007 BioShock game to iPhone and iPad later this summer, via Engadget. Graphics have been toned down significantly from the original Xbox title, but the game will no doubt offer plenty of nostalgia for fans of the series.

“BioShock delivers a true triple-A first-person shooter game experience on the iOS platform, by sending players on an underwater adventure to explore the submerged Art Deco city of Rapture, fighting deranged survivors of a failed objectivist utopia and genetically modifying their own DNA to gain superhuman powers.”

Although pricing and other specifics is not yet known, Engadget says that the developer 2K games wants a ‘premium game’ to carry a ‘premium price’, seemingly in the $10 to $30 range. Although visuals are substantially behind-the-curve of modern iOS games, the game will at least support MFI Game Controllers for more tactile interaction. BioShock will launch in the coming months, for iPad 4 and later, iPhone 5 and later.

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4 Responses to “Original BioShock game coming to iPhone and iPad soon”

  1. ikir says:

    Great game, never finished it, maybe I will buy it for my iPad :)


  2. If only Apple would partner with Valve and get Steamworks on iOS. We could rid ourselves of GameCenter and continue saved games. Thats all I want.


  3. I’d rather they put the Mac version on Steam than put a gimped version on a platform that’s not made for its gameplay. It would be much easier and probably make more money than this will. The Mac version is only on the Mac App Store while Infinite is on both. I emailed the company that does the ports of these games, including Tomb Raider (Which is also on Steam) and they said they have no interest or plans to put the original BioShock Mac version on Steam. Bullcrap. Complete bullcrap. I just want it on Steam so I can buy it one and have it on PC in case I need it.


  4. lexxkoto says:

    Would you kindly change the screenshots used in this article, so the first one isn’t a massive spoiler?