Following officially getting regulatory approval to complete its purchase of Beats, Apple today added a new section to its online store highlighting Beats by Dr. Dre products. The new section is accessible from the Accessories section of Apple’s online store and joins the main All Accessories, Apple accessories, Exclusives, Trending, and Gift Card sections that get top billing along the top of the accessories store.

The new microsite is a typical Apple product page that links to dedicated sections for Beats headphones, speakers, and accessories. 

Apple has also added the section to its Apple Store iOS app:

The Beats products are also still available from the main headphones accessories section alongside other headphone brands Apple sells and its own EarPods. 

Earlier this month Apple officially welcomed Beats to the family with a message on its website, while Beats announced that all sales from its website would be forwarded to Apple’s online store.

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16 Responses to “Apple gives newly acquired Beats by Dre dedicated accessories section on online store”

  1. Why would anyone buy beats products when bluebuds x (jaybird) sound better, are much lighter, and are wireless?


    • I’m gonna stop you right there. You have no idea what Beats Studio Wireless are even capable of do you? Wireless, built in Mic (into the headphones), better bass than the last generation, amazing material quality, better comfort, and usb firmware/charging?

      I just bought my Matte Black headphones and I’ll be using them on the Xbox One, and I’m damn sure I’ll be getting amazing audio quality as soon as I start playing Halo. It may be your opinion, but why would anyone compare to buds when they’re not even in the same category.

      “lighter, and are wireless”, you got your comparisons messed up. Honestly.


      • weissblut says:

        2 words: Parrot Zik.


      • I’m gonna stop you right there too. The buds (which have been on sale on apple’s website for over a year) sound better than the BEATS headphones did when I compared them. I use the buds only when I’m out and about as I have two surround sound systems at home. So yes, If I didn’t have surround sound and needed a good gaming headset, beats and parrot would be good choices. For a 35 year old who likes to listen to music while grocery shopping not so much….


  2. opsono says:

    This is great news. Now I can avoid even having to look at this overpriced overhyped crap.


  3. 1sugomac says:

    I hope Apple will itemize sales and profits from the Beats division separately rather than lump it into accessories in their quarterly earnings reports. This way we can understand the actual value of the Beats business.


  4. IMO, this seems almost like a set up for New products thru the Beats site

    Like instead of buying a Lexus, you can buy the Toyota model instead


  5. Some of Apple’s stans display such infantile behavior when it comes to the Beats acquisition. Apple has purchased the company, and it is purchase with which you will have to live. As a prior and current owner of several Apple products (iPhone 3 &4, iPad 1, 3 & Air; MacBook, Mac Mini, and AppleTv), I also own a pair of Beats headphones as well as a phone equipped with Beats audio. These products serve my needs well, and the acquisition will benefit Apple in both the short and long term. For the alleged “audiophiles” who are touting other brands that work for you, that is great news–for you. However, there aren’t many people who need whatever it is that you claim to need for your listening experiences. Beats is a product that will fit the everyday consumer based on the type of music the majority of Americans consume; therefore, it will be productive for Apple. If you love Apple, you are going to have to accept that Beats is here to stay.


  6. Anyone that truly has an ear for music knows Beats products are not all that at all. Bose quiet comforts are $299 and 100 x’s better than anything beats has ever put out. Don’t get me wrong they sound better than your average walmart bullshit brand cheap headphones. im not saying they are total trash but when people say Beats make the best headphones it makes me laugh. i had a pair of studios and returned them the very next morning . Sound quality was average at best .. loud and distorted and way too much un-natural bass. they are beautiful looking but as far as every other category .. NO thank you.


  7. Ali Mnm says:

    Stupid apple again.what a rip off. I paid $690 for an unlocked 5s which cost them about $150 and now they are continuing sucking people’s blood again with this products. Sell them for $30 to $50 if you want people to buy them.


    • herb02135go says:

      Really? Apple knows its followers will gladly overpay.
      Why do you think so many people here criticize Samsung for being a better value? They equate a high price with quality.


    • PMZanetti says:

      A 5s costs significantly more than $150….components alone are over $200….and obviously that includes NONE of what it takes to actually bring an iPhone into existence and deliver it to you.

      And no one told you to pay out of pocket for an unlocked iPhone. That is for carriers to absorb. You’re a sucker, and thats about all there is to it.


  8. PMZanetti says:

    Every article about Beats is inevitably followed by a collection of audio know it alls, that are amazingly stalking the web waiting for a chance to comment on an article about headphones. Its embarrassing, really.

    I’ve worked in audio production for 10 years, and have used a fair amount of products. The way I see people shoot down Beats and prop up another brand is a joke. Really, a joke. Its a bunch of clueless, wrong, ranting.