Screenshot 2014-08-17 14.34.03Update (8/19 9:15am): This sale is also live at Amazon and Best Buy.

A couple weeks following the closing of Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics and the Beats Music streaming service, Apple has cut the price of all Beats by Dr. Dre products by 10% in both its physical retail stores and official online store…

The 10% off discount will last through August 23rd, according to a source. Beats products, including over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and speakers are all covered by the deal, but those seeking those “Beats Pill Dude” speaker covers will still (fortunately) have to pay the full price of $49.

This 10% price-cut makes the pricing of some of the Beats products more reasonable, which is a good way for Apple to further celebrate its largest acquisition yet. Last week, Apple debuted a dedicated Beats products section within its online store. In May, the price of Beats Music became slightly more affordable with a new $99/year subscription plan.

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8 Responses to “Apple cuts prices of all Beats by Dre products by 10% through Aug. 23rd”

  1. I wonder how long it will take to put out new Beats with an Apple inspired design.


  2. I’ll just wait til the Next Gen of Beats


  3. Discount not available in Denmark :(


  4. Is this discount only available in the US or worldwide? So far it only applies in the US store!


  5. This infographic shows how popular beats are. Nearly 50% of us teens would purchase Beats by Dre and nearly 59% of headphones sold in US bear Beats logo


  6. Still sub-par cans. Get the VOXOA cans from Amazon. 1/4 the price and twice as good.


  7. aron2hip says:

    Yay, we can purchase mainstream crap for less. I mean honestly has anyone looked into the specs and compared them to cheaper audio devices? Legit beats is nothing but an overpriced fashion statement.