Apple’s s new in-car solution for iOS, first revealed over a year ago at WWDC, appears to be hitting delays as some car manufacturers push back release schedules into next year.

Back in March when Apple officially announced availability of the feature, a handful of car companies announced that CarPlay would arrive in new models later in the year. What they didn’t tell you is that in many cases the CarPlay functionality won’t actually become available until next year.

A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it won’t be making its previous target of 2014 for releasing the feature in its vehicles. While Apple’s site still lists Mercedes-Benz as a partner releasing CarPlay in 2014, the company confirmed to us that the release has now been pushed back into 2015. 

As of now, we do not support CarPlay in our series production cars. We are working on a highly sophisticated head-unit based solution, which will enable CarPlay as well as other systems (e.g. MirrorLink)… we are not quite sure if we will feature an aftermarket solution. CarPlay won’t be available by the end of this year, but in 2015.

Mercedes-Benz previously showed off the feature in its C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show, but the company said that was just a proof-of-concept and that specific models getting the feature haven’t been announced.

Another company that previously announced availability for 2014 and is listed on Apple’s site as a 2014 partner is Volvo. The company announced earlier this year that its new XC90 would come with the feature, but the company told us today that “full CarPlay functionality” won’t come until later in 2015:

As of the launch of the All-New Volvo XC90, we will be offering preparation for Apple CarPlay. Full CarPlay functionality will be available later in 2015.

Pioneer is another company that missed previously announced release dates. The company told publications back in May that it planned to deliver the update “within weeks, not months” to the units it has already begun selling and advertising as CarPlay compatible. That timeframe has of course come and gone and we’re quickly closing in on even the original release date it announced of early summer.

Another manufacturer listed as coming in 2014 on Apple’s site is Hyundai. Hyundai started selling its 2015 Sonatas in May, but the vehicles do not yet have the feature. Unlike Mercedes and Volvo, a spokesperson for Hyundai told us the company still plans to deliver the update by the end of the year.

Apple announced earlier this year that car manufacturers were ready to begin rolling out the feature in new vehicles. Soon after, a handful of companies confirmed the feature was on the way. While Apple’s press release didn’t provide exact dates for launches, it currently lists Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, and Ferrari on its website as car manufacturers releasing CarPlay in 2014. Honda, Pioneer and Ferrari didn’t respond to requests for comments on CarPlay availability.

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4 Responses to “Mercedes-Benz & Volvo delay CarPlay support into 2015, Pioneer update still MIA”

  1. myke2241 says:

    im a pioneer nex own who is pissed. not at apple but at pioneer. i just wanted major bug fixes in the update they had promised. then Pioneer decided to add / sale Carplay would be in the next update delaying and not being truthful to their customers!


  2. I’m a 2014 Honda owner who doesn’t even have CarPlay. Then again they also announced the iPhone 6 on Twitter, so I understand that they’re not sure what’s going on.


  3. Colin Wimble says:

    Have a new C class and did not upgrade to the Command on line as they said CarPlay would replace it. Have new car No Carplay!!!