French site iGen has posted what it claims are screenshots from Foxconn, which – if genuine – confirm a number of details from earlier reports, and to reveal the dimensions of prototypes of both iPhone 6 models. The screenshots appear to be fuller versions of the raised camera schematic posted by Apple Club Taiwan a couple of days ago.

It should be noted that there is no way to know when these prototypes were created (though some photos appear to date back to February), and that dimensions of the production model could change. The 4.7-inch model (code-named N61) is shown as measuring 138.14x97x6.9mm, while two different 5.5-inch prototypes (code-named N56) are shown, the larger of them measuring 158.07×77.79×7.1mm. The codenames are consistent with ones we’ve seen before, but are well-known so this is not evidence that the screenshots are genuine … 

Curiously, the weights of the two 5.5-inch prototypes differ significantly: 168.5g vs 184.6g, suggesting that Apple was still exploring different component options at the time these prototypes were created.

The bottom model – codenamed the N51 – is the existing iPhone 5s.

Both iPhone 6 models are shown with the protruding camera seen a couple of days ago. The actual image leaked then can now be seen to be from the 5.5-inch model, but the camera also extends beyond the casing in the 4.7-inch version by the same maximum distance of 0.77mm.


A screen-shot showing all angles of the 4.7-inch model appears to confirm a couple of widely-reported details which are now familiar from countless mockups: a unibody design with two antenna-breaks (whose aesthetics have been the topic of much discussion in the comments here), and the reshaped volume buttons.


iGen also claims Apple experimented with a 2.5mm audio jack in place of the standard 3.5mm one, but later abandoned this idea, apparently for cost reasons. It’s likely that Apple would need to have included a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter in the box to prevent objections to the change, and it may be this that made it too expensive. We learned back in June that Apple had introduced MFi specs for a Lightning connector for headphones.

We’re expecting the iPhone 6 to be officially launched on 9th September, possibly with a sharper display than the 5s/5c. Sketchier reports say that it will support the emerging LTE-Advanced high-speed mobile data standard, but only at 150Mbps rather than the maximum 300Mbps. We’ve also heard rumors of NFC for mobile payment, but we’ve heard those rumors every year for the past 2-3 years.

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40 Responses to “Claimed Foxconn leaked screenshots seemingly confirm earlier iPhone 6 details in all their glory”

  1. eldonchew says:

    Just wondering if these could be leaked on purpose by Apple to keep our expectations low?
    I mean oh my god look at those antenna lines


    • I’m more concerned about that camera lens popping out… When you use the phone while it’s laying on the table…shiiiiiiiiiiet


      • Tim Jr. says:

        Most do pop on a case.. and I’m not aware of any cases that are thinner than (.77mm) a millimeter … It likely won’t matter to most people.. except those who go naked and w/o a case…

        I do use a case, but a tend to pick the most skinny, minimalist cases I can find that show off as much of the phone as possible.


    • People have been saying the same exact thing (fake leak by Apple) when the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 casings leaked (as well as saying that they were ugly and un-apple-like).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Jr. says:

    Labeling them Proto(type) 1 and 2, implies these are very, very early design layout photo’s…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Umm.. Do those drawings show a power/lock button on both the side AND top of the N56?


  4. 2.5mm audio jack: no. NO. NOOOOOOO.


  5. I got a couple things to say:
    – date on the first picture is 02-12-2014
    – there are 2 sleep/wake buttons (top and side)
    – the top button is on the wrong side

    And for all those of you who think this is the real deal and complain about ‘the lines’ and ‘camera ring':
    – apple spent a record amount on R&D -> they want to make this iPhone a succes
    – they will finish the design making it consistent and those lines seemless as they function as an antenna
    – protruding camera? Like you will notice that when it’s so thin and the phone so big. Above that it will probably have a liquid metal ring and a sapphire lens like previous iPhones
    – as of the sapphire display: they sent 28 containers from America to Foxconn (make a guess what’s inside)
    – the only reason Apple is making bigger screens is because the shareholders want them to. They taught Apple to follow the trend of other smartphones.

    Have some faith people. Apple knows this iPhone is going to be a big deal so they will make it worth.
    “The product pipeline for 2014 is the best I’ve seen in 25 years at Apple”
    Think about it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You must believe everything you read.. Apple hand is forced to produce a larger iphone, they don’t have a choice. Their option was: Follow the market and follow the money. If it was up to Apple you would still only have a 4″ iphone with a new app.

      Best product pipeline in 25 years is: Hype for the Apple train, so people will ride it. And of course people are. This new iphone is already produced and ready to ship, these leaks are spot on as they are every year.

      All that money Apple has and as you say invested in R&D, this is what it will look like?? To me it’s nothing to write home about. But to each is its own I guess


      • PMZanetti says:

        To me, your post is nothing to write home about.

        There are so many huge achievements in this new design, I don’t even know where to begin to start listing them.

        A larger phone is brilliant. The market has shown vague interest in what has been out there….just like smartphones in general, before the iPhone. Once Apple creates a larger screen, it will be something every single iPhone owner DOESN’T have….and whether they really need it or not….it is attractive upgrade.

        Bigger may not be better. Or maybe it is. I don’t give a shit. All I know is from a marketing standpoint, the timing of this product is genius.


  6. N56 tells me, the 5.5 inch will have innards of last generation (iPhone 5s). And that makes sense, as premium device will always be 4.7 inch. People wanting larger size will have to sacrifice latest and greatest processor, Soc. That means pricing won’t be much different for iPhone 6 and 6L. 6L will be 50 dollars more than 6.


  7. Wondering why on the last picture the left side of the phone is shown upside down.


  8. Bottom left of picture: 2012-2-12

    These pictures could of course be fake or really old and not representative of the final designs.


  9. Those giant antenna lines are really odd, given that they aren’t needed on the iPhone 5, nor on other metal phones such as the HTC One. It seems unlikely given the huge amount of leaks that the final phone won’t look like the images above, which could make it the first ever ugly iPhone.


    • They’re not needed on the iPhone 5 because it has these glass inlays. The glass parts on the back of iPhones have given Apple the reputation of making their phones easy to break on purpose, so I understand why Apple would want to avoid using them again.

      As for the HTC one, it has thick bands on the back, and all around the device (plastic being sandwiched between the screen and the back) and is known to have quality control issues where there’s a gap between the back and the plastic sides.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Blatant Speculation:

    On these schematics, different colors seem to represent different materials.

    On the schematics, the home button and rear camera (which we already know is sapphire) on both iPhone 6 models, and the iPhone 5s are the same light blue as the screen area of the iPhone 6.

    On the iPhone 5s, the entire front is the same color, showing that it’s all just Gorilla Glass. On the iPhone 6, there is distinction between the the display and the rest of the glass. I’d guess, then, that the front of the iPhone will have Sapphire above the screen, but regular Gorilla Glass for the rest of the front.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Not sure what I’m looking forward to more – buying the iPhone 6 or putting a case on it.


  12. I still can’t believe these are real.
    Foxconn uses an interface that has a big FOXCONN written in a corner?


  13. Overlord says:

    168.5g vs 184.6g = shappire out / shappire in?

    Liked by 1 person

  14. But why have you made screenshots of the original files from iGen instead of just using them? For example one of their jpg files weighs 89 KB and your png screenshot of it has hefty 451 KB – very mobile friendly, Ben. ;)


  15. I still am hoping for a better antenna design and a flush camera lens. Even if all the evidence is stacked against it.


    • PMZanetti says:

      Like you would have any idea what a “better” antenna design would be. This one is brilliant.

      What you don’t realize is that this design allows the phone to be shape it is, the material it is, the heft it is, and the feel it will have in your hand.

      This antenna design contributes to it being possible for the phone to be a single wrapping shape that is totally rounded, with no uncomfortable squaring.

      It is the most practical yet still beautiful design for a smartphone, ever. It beats the iPhones 5c which currently holds the title, which it won from the 3G/3GS.


      • jorge1170x says:

        Brilliant? Man, you are the worst of the worst Apple apologists. You know it’s an ugly design but you’ve gone out of your way to rationalize in your head, likely because you are for some odd reason threatened by the very notion that Apple could be fallible like every other corporation run by humans. Are you on their payroll or what?


  16. Jony Ive was lazy on this camera design!! This is one Ugly phone!!!!!


  17. For being so ugly, the iPhone better have new tricks.


    • spiralynth says:

      Big, bright sapphire face; liquidmetal unibody; sleek, white bikini top and bottom (needed due to the dense, opaque power of the lqmt); slimmest silhouette of the fattest of the land …

      What could be more beautiful?


      • jorge1170x says:

        Lol. The iPhone wears a two-piece bikini now! That’s the greatest way to look at it! How embarrassing that Apple didn’t see people making that connection. It’s more of a girly phone now than ever.


  18. Doesn’t seem that ugly to me, but I reserve judgement until I see final shipping product.

    Protruding camera lens?
    I am obviously the only person on Earth who never ever seems to use his phone resting on a table. It’s either in my hand, or in a stand with bluetooth keyboard for longform typing.

    Others see a protruding camera lens, I hope this also provides some built in anti-flare (lens hood) and/or perhaps signals some (minimal?) optical zoom augmented with digital zoom of more megapixels.

    Who knows.

    Personally I’ve been looking forward to a larger screen iPhone for a few years, when I had a 5″ Dell Streak it was obvious to me that was a sweet spot for “computing” and “gaming” vs “one handed telephony”.