IKEA has posted a video to announce its new 2015 catalog. As you’ll quickly notice, it’s a direct parody of the 2010 iPad launch video featuring Apple executives. IKEA video is above, and the Apple video is below for comparison. (via SetteB.it).

Oh, and the packaging (via comments):


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26 Responses to “IKEA parodies iPad launch video to debut its 2015 catalog”

  1. Mike Murray says:

    This is just stupid. I want my 3 minutes back.

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  2. bmelson0412 says:

    Completely irrelevant!!!!!!

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  3. Arib ;] says:

    Meanwhile in Malaysia, they start shipping this IKEA 2015 catalog in iPad-like packaging. LOL.

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  4. I love IKEA, so I give this a pass. A bit long, but a fun parody, right up IKEA’s alley.


  5. I think that was pretty funny, well done IKEA.


  6. ok, it made me laugh. i liked it.


  7. This was very funny and genius, in its ripoff :-)


  8. 89p13 says:

    Well done, IKEA – Much better than a Samesung ad.

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  9. mac2net says:

    BTW most of the images in the catalogue are computer generated and not real photos.


  10. acslater017 says:

    Something about the page turning cracks me up.


  11. Billy Graham says:

    thank god we don’t have to assemble the bookbook first…

    Liked by 1 person

  12. This is even funnier if you’ve been watching the excellent “Welcome to Sweden” TV show.


  13. herb02135go says:

    This is tasteless and lacking in class. How dare anyone make fun of shiny Apple products. Boycott Ikea!

    (HEY OLLIE-SON, did I get the fake outrage right?)


  14. Mark Dowling says:

    Put down your electronics and read a book !


  15. aeronperyton says:

    The iFixIt teardown rates it a 1; Copious amounts of glue holding the pages together. If one page tears the only recourse is to request another catalog!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. sikosis says:

    Cringeworthy … though I have to wonder what Twelve South think about them using their product name bookbook …


  17. M.in.N says:

    Yeah, this is the really environmentally sane choice for a sustainable living.

    –Want to read about something else, or an update? No problem – just get yourself an entirely new device.
    –Want to find something old? No prob either – just go dig in the rubbish heap.

    …and Ikea try to call themselves green – bah!


  18. So they want me to stop using their iPad app I guess?


  19. You’ve missed half of the story Mark! Ikea has a companion app that works with the catalogue. It allows you to scan a page and then see items in the catalogue in videos – and I’m presuming order items on that page through the app. It appears they may even be a virtual reality component to the app, allowing you to visualize the size of furniture in a room before purchasing. All I did was google Ikea Catalogue…


  20. mattie1982 says:

    Love it IKEA!! Very good.