xperia lens camera

Alongside new smartphones, tablets, and wearables, Sony has also today announced a refresh for its lineup of lens-style cameras with two new models: QX1 and QX30. The devices are made to be able to work on their own or clip onto the back of a smartphone, and if you go with the latter option, they’re able to connect via NFC (when applicable) or Wi-Fi and have their display via the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app.

The QX1 features the very same APS-C CMOS image sensor found in the company’s mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, and the device works with a-mount system lenses as well as Sony’s E-mount lenses. The QX30, which is actually an updated version of the current QX10, features the 30x optical zoom Sony G Lens and auto-focus functions found in Sony’s Cyber-shot.

The QX30 will be out this month for $350, while the QX1 will hit the market in November for $400.

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3 Responses to “Sony reboots its lens-style cameras with new smartphone-connected QX1 and QX30 models”

  1. herb02135go says:

    I really like the idea of a add-on lens for smartphone.
    I wish someone would come out with some thing decent sub $100.

    One that has good image quality and isn’t just for fun.


  2. A lot of the preorder sites are listing october 9th. Sony themselves are also listing that price. And I bought the qx1 (no shock)


    • mikhailt says:

      I’m curious as to how you’d like QX1? I heard that many folks like it but not the iOS app. Do you agree with that statement and if so, how bad is the app?