I can’t believe this monstrosity is being picked up by Apple.

After the sketches and photos sent to headquarters in California, followed by a call from Jonyja Ivea who said that they were very interested in the work of the sculptor. How Radenović points out, Apple’s senior management just liked the imperfections of his work although the contest received many other, more specific and computer-designed parts.

Hopefully this is going to guard Jony Ive’s secret lair like some freakshow amulet from an Indiana Jones movie


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2 Responses to “Supposedly this horrible Steve Jobs statue is going to Apple”

  1. fr33z33 says:

    Hello reality check – art is not always the “beautiful” perfect painting/sculpture/etc. judging something like this from a picture isn’t realistic either.
    What did you think, some Saddam style victory posture statue?