Update: Most stickers available here and here.

In case you were wondering where to buy those Macbook decals that you saw in Apple’s new “Stickers” TV ad for the MacBook Air, below we’ve put together a list of the ones that are actually available to purchase online. Some are slight variations from the ad and some aren’t available online at all, but it appears sticker makers are taking notice and quickly making exact copies of the decals from the ad available. We’ll update as we find more:

  1. Glasses
  2. sun glasses
  3. 3D glasses
  4. Baseball Hat
  5. Headphones
  6. Breaking Bad
  7. Mohawk
  8. Top Hat/Bow Tie
  9. Afro
  10. Portal
  11. Camera
  12. Artsy Camera
  13. Polaroid
  14. Guitar Pick
  15. Turntable
  16. Record
  17. Gramaphone
  18. Tree
  19. Apple Tree with Birds
  20. Tree of Life
  21. Palm tree
  22. New York City
  23. San Francisco
  24. Sydney
  25. Dubai
  26. Paris Eiffel tower
  27. Toronto
  28. Pyramids
  29. King Kong
  30. Woman red sunglasses
  31. Vampire
  32. Kitten
  33. Ice Age
  34. Cookie Monster
  35. Snoopy
  36. Snow White
  37. PacMan
  38. Homer Simpson
  39. Finger gun/Bullet
  40. Dandelion
  41. Chi Sweet Home Cat
  42. Batman
  43. Taz Devil
  44. Bat woman
  45. Wonder Woman
  46. Hello Kitty
  47. Space Invaders
  48. Sky Driving
  49. Big Bang/Atom Nucleus
  50. Scuba
  51. Donut
  52. Cat
  53. Planet ring around Apple
  54. In a trance
  55. Zebra
  56. Pink Leopard
  57. Mickey Mouse hand
  58. Heart hands

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26 Responses to “Where to Buy the MacBook decals from Apple’s new ‘Stickers’ ad”

  1. The glasses on top of the list are from Maison Binoclette ( I’ve got the Nerd ones (


  2. Here’s some to help complete your list.


    Heisenberg/Breaking Bad: (the one you link to cannot be purchased)

    Turntable: (not the exact same one, but close enough)

    Birds from a tree (the one you link to doesn’t look at all like the one in the video.

    King Kong: (not at all the same though, but still King Kong)

    As mentioned in the original post, we’d love to give your readers some benefits, so the 20% discount for all stickers is still valid for 5 days.

    Just head over to and type in “9to5Mac” in the coupon field to get your 20% as well as free shipping.


  3. The missing Saturn/planet ringfrom the list is ready as well now:


  4. I’ve found the store that sells most of the Apple ad stickers!


  5. Create your own individual sticker at


  6. Carter Lyman says:

    Anyone? The Kitten?


  7. I found the devil redhead girl called “Inferno” decal sticker by Tokidoki on
    This is my personal favorite!


  8. Does anyone know where to get the Catwoman sticker? Cannot find it anywhere.


  9. anyone know where I can get the Wonder Woman one?


  10. I found a bunch of them on an Etsy shop called “ohyeahdecal”
    Here is the link:
    I love these! :)


  11. Hi Jordan,

    In July this year we launched tabtag – glowing, reusable MacBook stickers.

    A tabtag uses the glowing apple on the MacBook as light source in order to illuminate individual designs. Apart form our growing collection of designs we offer custom tabtags too, where you can choose your own design or branding and get it custom made.

    I am wondering if you might accept if I pass along a sample of a tabtag. If you like it as much as we do, perhaps you’ll consider sharing it with your audience? Please let me know if there’s a business address for me to send a package to, and if you have any questions at all.



  12. If you are looking for those “Glasses” MacBook decals, head on to: They sell many different ones and they are looking really cool.


  13. I know another cool decal! It’s naming Super Mario and i just buy it on!


  14. Forget the ordinary ones! Take a look at here:

    You can also find it on Etsy:


  15. You should check out for minimalist stickers