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Hello everyone and welcome to the 9to5Mac Community.  A bunch of my Mac Administrator/Manager friends were talking and wondered why there wasn’t a proper community of Mac Managers out there.  There are the Apple and mac-mgrs.org mailing lists but we wanted something more interactive and 2.0.

There are websites that cover the same categories, like MacEnterprise and AFP548.com  and such but they aren’t updated too often and are frankly in lack of creativity and community.  

So here we are.

The ojective of this site is to be a destination for people like ourselves.  We will have a calendar of Mac Events,  Mac tips, discussion forums, news, reviews, tips, job boards, etc. etc.  We will also have fun stuff that is off topic but will sae that for the engadgets of the world if possible.

While we will allow some relevant advertising to pay for hosting and site upkeep, we will try to keep it at a minimum so that we can focus on our community.

That being said…wander around a bit and enjoy.  We hope you will become a member!


– admin

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