(the new-ish home of the former is having a webcast on Intermapper on Tuesday, June 19th 2007. 

From the entry:

Join John Sutton from Dartware and Matt Federoff from Vail Unified School District as they discuss InterMapper.  Learn how InterMapper, a  cross-platform network monitoring, mapping, alerting and fault finding software, can maximize uptime with 24/7 monitoring of your network’s health.  See how, with InterMapper RemoteAccess, the server/client configuration adds tremendous scalability and flexibility to monitoring your network.

The passcode for June 2007 is 257782

I’ve used Intermapper from Dartware on a few occasions and I have to say its the best Network/Server monitoring product of its kind for the Mac platform.  Nagios and Lansurveyor are just too much of a hassle though their featuresets are sometimes more diverse.  If your company is on a tight budget or needs some exotic type of network monitoring, Nagios may make more sense.  There are a few other Linux/X11 server/switch/client/etc. monitoring tools out there but none of them is the complete package that Intermapper is.  

Dartware used to have a 5 client free package but it looks like it has been removed from their site in lieu of a two week trial evaluation.

Dartware also have Webinars (I just learned a new word) and are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 EDT.  If you’d like to find out more you can E-mail Dartware now to make your reservation.


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