If Apple Expo in Paris is any indication, (and we realize it is a super-condensed pool of Euro-Apple Freaks like ourselves) the anySIM hacked iPhones are a huge success in Europe  We’ve seen literally hundreds in people’s hands throughout the show.  We even observed an Apple employee with an iPhone (though it was probably legit from AT&T US&A).  

Strangely though, it isn’t just at Apple gatherings  -we see plenty of them on the streets of Paris and on the Metro.  If you come to Paris with an iPhone, don’t expect anyone to be impressed.  They have seen hundreds of them.  Every single one we’ve had the opportunity to inspect has been hacked.  It is a very much accepted practice most likely because of a different view of the carrier/handset relationship as opposed to that of the US.

Who is doing the selling/distribution of these hacked phones?  

  • There are a lot of 3rd party exporters (see our Adsense ads :P ).  
  • A lot of people go to the Applestore in New York or whatever US city they visit and pick up a few for the trip home just like they do with ipods. 
  • Friends and relatives sent them over via Post (we’re guilty!) 
  • They are of course available en mass in Chinatown already SIM unlocked/hacked for a 500

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