iPhone France 1000 Euros?

Well, I am proud of France today. My abusive foster country is all right by me. Why? Is it the fact that the transit workers are striking so they can continue to retire 3 years earlier than the general population making my commute a one hour walk? Maybe its the kind, helpful manner in which all levels of government administration treat foreign workers?

Nope, not this time. This time it is those crazy laws against mobile phone makers colluding with the telecoms. You see, in France you gotta sell the handset unlocked without ties to a phone carrier. This is going to open a lot of holes in Apple’s game plan. Will it be better for the customer? (Yes)

Obviously this doesn’t bode well for the iPhone and its lock to Orange. Apple is being forced to sell its first unlocked iPhones in France on November 29th. The catch is the price. It will likely cost more than double to buy the phone without a plan. Some people are even predicting 1000

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