Updated to 3.03B

Wow big surprise for those of us using hacked iPods/iPhones this morning. was in its own updates notifications list. Interestingly, they reccomend running version 3 on 1.1.1 software. I guess its time to upgrade the iPhone to iPod level.

The interface is totally redesigned with a much better menu system. There are so many installable apps that the old menu system was being buried under the weight. This new one is a few levels deep so that it is much easier to browse the applications by category.

The bottom also has an iPod-like main menu and the application itself has a shiny new icon (that kinda looks like .Mac(!!).

There are a few bugs still left in the system as described in the About page on the app but none of them appear to be too significant. Expect a final version 3 shortly.

To download simply go to and click on the updates tab. You’ll see asking to be updated. After updating you’ll need to restart your iPod/iPhone.

Now how about Fring finish that Skype client so we can call it a day?

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