EDIT: These didn’t happen in 1.1.2 – most likely these will be a 1.2.x update.

Some tidbits inside the recently updated iTunes 7.5 show that the iPhone and iPod Touch will soon operate more like their older iPod bretheran in allowing direct disk access and manual media management.  Also, a voice memo sync seems to exist in the code as well – though it has been in there since iTunes 7.3. 

It looks like a new (sactioned) iPhone application will allow voicenotes (on iPhones only obviously – no audio-in on iPod Touch).  Voice memo.app anyone?  This should allow iPhone 1.1.2 or 3ers to have access to the same great functionality that hacked iPhone users have been enjoying for months thanks to Erica Sadun’s Voice Notes.

MacRumors via Engadget

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