So you have your 1.1.1 iPhone/iPod hacked.  It is working great.  You are rockin’ the Voice Notes, Navizon GPS and Mobile Chat.  Of course you’ve fixed the TIFF exploit security hole weeks ago.  You have international languages and keyboards as well.  Heck, you might even be on another carrier than AT&T.

What is the reason to upgrade to 1.1.2?  Apple’s latest update doesn’t offer much that the community hasn’t already built/fixed.  For those of you in Europe who get a 1.1.2 out of the box, obviously (bummer) if you want to have all of the hacker goodies – you’ll have to do the downgrade/upgrade with the symlink.  There is currently no way to unlock a phone without activating it first. 

As for now, we are staying on 1.1.1. 

Oh, btw, for those of you who, when asked how long it would take to hack 1.1.2,  voted "Within a week" you were more optimistic (and correct) than us. 

Hackers 4, AppleT&T 3


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