Our Canadian friend, Chris24, points us to the the fine print on the AT&T/ iPhone service agreement which states that "Charges for international messages sent from the U.S. are 20¢ for Text Messages and 50¢ for Picture/Video Messages.".

Oh REALLY?  We didn’t know the iPhone had picture and video text messages.  Heck, legit (unhacked) iPhones can’t even do video as far as anyone outside of Cupertino knows.

This might be a typo on AT&T’s part – some sloppy cutting and pasting perhaps.  Check out the full screen here.

However, Boingboing has more.  This could also be an AT&T blanket coverage thing that iPhones are unwittingly getting.  We haven’t gotten any such texts.

Oh, and $.50?  That is kinda pricey if you ask us – especially when email is free and it is using the same network.  Kinda like charging you to make a ringtone out of a song you already own.  And, as many people have pointed out, this isn’t new technology – other phones have had this capability for years. 


Props: Chris24


Update: Apple has removed said statement.  Maybe it was just a typo ;-)


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