You almost have to feel sorry for ol Sony.  They make some of the world’s best hardware, no doubt.  The TZ Vaio for instance, and now this new phone look extremely cool and have the specs that you wish Apple would throw into their products.   But their software is always a train wreck.  We’re not just talking about putting a rootkit on your computer – we’re talking about the design interfaces being a nightmare.  Now you can also add their Product Naming division to the mess.

Xperia – somewhere between "expire" and "XP-Diarrhea" is the name of their new phone, touted as an iPhone killer.  It has impressive specs…

  • 720×480 WVGA screen (nice!)
  • GPS
  • Very nice QWERTY keyboard slideout
  • 3G HSDPA – 5 Band high upload speed built for next gen networks
  • Windows Mobile 6…

CRASH!  Yeah Sony is going away from market-leading  Symbian OS and jumping on the Windows Mobile train for this puppy.  The same Windows Mobile platform that is hemorrhaging market share to the iPhone.  Ouch.  Here’s some advice, install Opera Mini and make it the default browser.

We aren’t sure that ‘iPhone Killer’ is going to be added to the final list of nicknames of this device.

Via Electronista

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