We’ve known for awhile that TIM Italy was in the iPhone carrier settings…but for some reason they haven’t gotten the the green light to announce the iPhone.  Perhaps it all went bad.  Or they are waiting for 3G?  Or maybe it is only a matter of days.  Strangely, the created on dates for TIM are the same (Dec 12th 2007) as Orange in France, O2 in the UK and Tmobile in Germany, with Tmobile Austria and O2 in Ireland created later (February 2008).


Something tells us that TIM and Apple had a falling out.

Onto a possible Russian iPhone possibility…


We’re not sure how long it has been there, but Russian text input is joining German, English, French and Italian as the default input languages in the System/Library/TextInput Folder of the iPhone.  Perhaps we’ll see an iPhone in Russia next?

var digg_url = ‘http://9to5mac.com/tim-italy-russia-iphone’;

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