Updates for the older Mac

 It’s a little-known fact that Apple maintains a library of software updates for older (pre-January ’98) Macs, Newton and Apple II machines.

The company hosts a huge library of downloads for these veteran machines, naturally warning that "all the software here is considered obsolete and may do harm if improperly installed. Please use extreme caution." 

All Apple software released since January 1998 remains available, but that’s found within the AppleCare Knowledge Base.

What this means is that if you have a veteran Mac and hope to squeeze a little more out of it you can at least easily locate the relevant updates, and while that’s well known in parts of the Mac community we thought it worth noting today for those of us who weren’t aware of the fact, but may suddenly have need for the software.

Oh, there’s a caveat: software that’s no longer available may be listed on Apple’s page, and the list reflects US releases only. " For software for other languages follow the same architecture format according to the language of your Macintosh Operating System."

Apple’s archive software page is here.


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