News out of the Hackintosh forums continues to flow in on throwing Leopard on PCs.  Today’s news is that some enterprising hackers got OSX Leopard working on an OQO – one of the smallest full PCs out there.  Nevermind that it takes two minutes to start up and not all of the wireless networking components work.  It is still a very compelling setup.  

The last few weeks were about Psystar selling Hackintosh PC’s.  Apple’s lawyers usually swoop in within seconds to stop EULA ‘violations’ like this.  On Psystar, they are eerily quiet.  Psystar is shipping clones and customers are receiving them. 

What does all of this mean? 

Perhaps Apple is considering licensing the Leopard OS out to PC vendors.  Maybe they’ll sell it as a virtual machine?  Or perhaps a paired down version for Web browsing, and iTunes?  Most likely not but it is kinda weird all of this Leopard on PC stuff.  It seems a little too easy.

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