iPhone magic: Derren Brown

 Looks like there’s a spate of iPhone using magicians, hot on our Marco Tempest report yesterday, UK gadget mag T3 this week revealed internationally-renowned illusionist, Derren Brown, is an iPhone convert too – and he switched to Mac because Stephen Fry told him to.

“I bought my iPhone the day it came out,” says Derren Brown. “It took a bit of getting used to, as I used a Blackberry before. It’s slow for emails, so I’ll definitely get the 3G version. But the design is phenomenal. It’s so satisfying to have it done right.”
Brown admits to dumping his Windows flavoured box for a Mac “about a year ago”, admitting, “in the end Stephen Fry convinced me. I didn’t realise how pleasant using a computer can be until I changed.”

The full interview’s included in the latest edition of T3. What isn’t clear is if Apple CEO Steve Jobs would ever consider (or need to consider, come to that), employing Brown’s talents to extend his own famed reality distortion field.


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