Yet more rumour and speculation from Switzerland this time claims iPhone users could soon enjoy live television shows and TV screenings of sporting events on their device, at least, that’s what leading Swiss newspaper Le Matin says.

Citing “a source at Swisscom’, this report claims Swisscom will offer the new 3G iPhone. Somewhat circumstantially, it also claims the network to be a long-standing partner of Vodafone, which itself announced ten-country iPhone launch plans last week.

Introduction of 3G support may open the door to a wave of additional high bandwidth features for iPhone users, such as video conferencing, GPS and – new to us – support for live TV, Le Matin notes. (Speculation or sources, we’ll know for sure in June).  Also, they mention that the processor will be faster this time around.

“Who could indeed resist a football match live on its 3G,” the report ends. Google Translate version is here.

(We apologise to Swiss readers for the cuckoo image – sort of)



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