Apple shares took a dive yesterday on strength of “rumours of a rumour” claiming the 3G iPhone release has been delayed.

SeekingAlpha reports the rumour of such rumours. True or false, we’d like to observe these stock-damaging remarks may actually reflect the release of iPhone Software 2.0, which isn’t due to ship until the end of June.

That this software won’t ship until then could suggest that the 3G iPhone will also not ship in quantity until toward the end of June, though it may be announced in advance of that at Apple’s WWDC event next month. Sure, we’ve reported claims the device will ship on keynote day, June 9, in the past, but it remains possible actual physical availability will be for later that month. If that’s true, then we suggest the current “delay” rumour is no more than Wall Street insiders tipping others off to expect the device a few weeks later than originally thought.

Meanwhile, consider these statements from AT&T CFO, Rick Linder, who told a Reuters summit: “There’s not been a product announcement. There hasn’t been any pricing decisions made. That’s yet to come.”


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