Development of a Sony PSP-like games controller for the iPhone is underway, and while it’s currently only compatible with jailbroken devices, it’s no stretch of imagination to see its release for all iPhones, if the technology driving it is permitted under the iPhone SDK.

iControlpad is a peripheral device which connects to the dock connector on the iPhone (or the iPod touch). It binds the device within a controller that’s of similar shape to the Sony PSP, including dedicated control buttons with which to play games on the handheld.

“Your iPhone just slides in and locks in to place, there are no modifications needed and you can remove it at any time,” the developers explain, adding, “The iControlPad is already supported by some of the biggest iPhone devs (including ZodTTD – PSX, GBA emu etc.) and we are sending out units to several others.”

The first prototype controller has been assembled, slightly smaller than the PSP the iPhone slots securely into place – the developers are also assembling a version for the iPod touch, they said.

There’s a caveat, at least for the present – not all the buttons are fully-functional just yet, but the move does suggest the emergence of a new category of ancillary peripherals for iPhone beckons.


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