The resale value of Apple’s first-generation iPhone looks set to shoot higher as the company engages in a new strategy to defeat iPhone unlockers.

It’s a pretty simple strategy, authorisation of new devices will now take place in-store in both the US and the UK. Essentially, when you purchase an iPhone you’ll be asked to sign an contract on the spot, or you won’t be able to buy the device. This means you’re tied into a contract, or you’re paying AT&T or O2 and Apple a monthly fee in addition to the purchase price in exchange for owning an iPhone 3G.

As the all-new model hasn’t hit the streets yet (it launches July 11) we also don’t yet know what hardware locks may have been put into place to secure the new model against being jailbroken, which suggests the original iPhone may become a collector’s item, and seems likely to command high prices once the initial rush of second-hand sales have passed. We anticipate many of the older iPhones will migrate to Russia, where no launch plan has yet been announced.

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