Well, maybe not, but there could be thousands of applications immediately for sale on the App Store, which launches 11 July – though this does depend on just how quickly Apple can process and vet apps recently submitted for the first tranche.

Business Week suggests (hints, intimates) as many as 4,000 apps could be in the cut, making the claim in a report which takes a birds-eye view of what’s to come, including applications for productivity, health, remote working, customer relationship management and more.

Salesforce VP, Chuck Dietrich says: “The iPhone and its applications will have huge ramifications for how people conduct business. The ability to run sophisticated applications on a handheld will change how people conduct life and business.”

This news emerges as the first images of the App Store have surfaced within the ‘What’s New’ video published by Apple yesterday.

As displayed, the App Store will let users group applications by the following criteria: 

  • Featured
  • Categories
  • Top 25
  • Search
  • Downloading
  • New/What’s Hot


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