Remember our report when we explained Apple’s preparing to diversify its iPhone range in order to bring its products within the reach of a wider customer base?

And recall Peter Oppenheimer’s intimations that the company plans to introduce a range of products other competitors can’t match, and that Apple is willing to sacrifice a little margin to make its offering a success?

And, of course, you can’t ignore that AT&T has persuaded Apple to allow it to remain the exclusive iPhone carrier until 2010…(there had to be something more in it for the carrier than just one model, after all…)

This morning in the UK reports claim Apple plans to introduce an smaller, cheaper ‘iPhone nano’ in time for Christmas 2008. This will be made available to pay-as-you-go customers and will cost £150, the Daily Mail explains.

"A cut down version, with the candy bar shape of iPod nano music players, would be a huge hit as a Christmas gift," an industry insider said.

(Image used here is not 4 real, people, no need to mention that, it came from here).

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