Free App of the Week: Remote

 This Week’s Free App is none other than a classic device, servicing us for years. The Remote. Remote is Apple’s top-selling (or should I say downloaded) free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Remote is just what it sounds like. A remote. Just not for the TV. Remote works with iTunes or your Apple TV, to control your music library. I have to say, it’s pretty cool. I can sit on the sofa, or walk to the kitchen, and select what song I want to hear next, in the other room! Don’t get too excited…you need a respectable Wi-Fi network, to actually use it. Wi-Fi also needs to be turned on, on your iphone or iPod. The only cons:

1. There can be a lag depending on how far away or strong your connection is, which is kind of obvious

2. There is no Cover Flow option

3. You can’t listen to the music playing, on your iPhone or iPod Touch

4. It’s not a full functioning “remote”. It lacks compatibility with all other content on the Apple TV

Bottom line: Remote is just what Apple needed to make iTunes and Apple TV complete. We may have to wait, as usual, to get new updates that will fix some of the problems. Don’t fret. Remote rocks, and works just fine. Another reason to try and love it: It’s free.

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